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The Broken Piano In 1975, by Marti Leimbach

FaceBook  On Sep 8, 2020 Nidhi Kamath wrote:
FromKeith Jarrett’s Köln's experience I learnt that the piano is like life ! sometimes it will be totally in alignmentand sometimes it won't it depends on us how we make best of the situation. We can either succumb to the circumstances or see it as an opportunity !

So once I had to take basics of filmmaking for a group of kids, the group of kids were not as big as I expected and I was a bit disheartened. But I thought I could now give more personal attention to each one of them and also we had more space to shoot !

One thing I didn't understand about Jarrett's personality is reading his personality in this article if it wasn't for the 17 yr old he might have had the show canceled. So it was a bit paradoxical.


To Be In Satsang, by Adyashanti

FaceBook  On Apr 11, 2019 Nidhi Kamath wrote:
To me Satsang means to be with oneself. To be in silence and face our own naked truths.

I think my agendas or things which I needed to improve shineout during a good meditation. And what helps me let go of these is the faith in the inner high consciousness which tries to reconnect with my unawakened part.

To me two things help me enter unknown
1. Gratitude for abundance or a good experience
2. Anxiety and unpleasantness inspires me to seek stability