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Rest and Be Taken, by Adyashanti

FaceBook  On Jun 28, 2011 Rav wrote:

 I'm not going to lie I do not understand this thought at all.  I heard the thought once and read it again, but I'm still in the dark.  I did enjoy the insights of other people and they particularly made me reflect on the role of silence in my life.  Not so much silence of the mind as connected to meditation, but silence of the surroundings as it affects our experience in a particular moment.  


Like The Sun Shining, by Tenzin Palmo

FaceBook  On Jul 28, 2009 Neerav wrote:

Wow this is exactly how I feel right now.  Four days ago my wife left for a 2.5 month trip to Spain to study flamenco dancing.  The interesting reaction from so many people was, "wow how can you do that?  I would never be able to leave my significant other for that long."  Some even ask me how I can manage to do it.  To be honest not managing or dealing with it was never an option.  It was a choice that she made for herself to pursue something that made her happy and I could never live with myself if I got in the way of that.  I believe anyone could do this, but the trick is finding something that you are that passionate about that would give you the motivation.