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The Game Is To Be Where You Are, by Ram Dass

FaceBook  On Oct 26, 2020 Gayatri wrote:
And to realise& get this statement ofRam Dass executed by itself is the experiment of dimensional transformation through Silence!!!! Do experiment with it dear ones with the curriculum of Life!!! In deep gratitude & love!!! 😍🙏🎶

Discipline Of Tao, by D. T. Suzuki

FaceBook  On Jul 21, 2020 Gayatri Neena Nambiar wrote:
Sitting Quietly for an hour everyday made me attentive / conscious of my multidimensional self. Now it's not a ritual but a joyous way of spending time with self . I am fully present to the moments and also when not fully present I m aware of. It's an attentive living while observing my not attentive self. Creativity Compassion & empathy are the byproducts of this attentive Self in every day living! In deep gratitude! ❣️🥰🎶

Four Types Of Listening, by Otto Scharmer

FaceBook  On Jun 15, 2020 Gayatri Neena Nambiar wrote:
I have been experimenting with Listening. I have observed & continue to these four levels of listening.I have discovered , first hand, is that when I m fully attentive, fully present, listening with my whole being happens.I Just listen, without uttering a word. Many a times , there is no response, or response slows down.Thers is empathy & compassion. When it doesn't , that too I notice.It has been an interesting, fun& joyful process to watch this happening! In Gratitude ! 😍🙏🎶