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Art And The Practice Of Being Yourself, by Stanley Kunitz

FaceBook  On Nov 27, 2013 Rajesh Singh Sisodia wrote:

 Excellent & pragmatic article: It's true that we pass much time in observing & criticizing others rather introspecting ourselves. This act of ours increases negativity with in us. If we are organized with in, only then we can & should expect such behavior from others.
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The Spirit of Karma Yoga, by Baba Hari Dass

FaceBook  On Sep 25, 2012 Rajesh Singh Sisodia wrote:
 This article enlightened me. In fact I was having a different perception about "Karma Yoga". I meant simply doing our deeds & fulfilling our responsibilities towards our family, society & the Government. But Baba Haridas has replicated our Holi Book "The Bhagwat Geeta". Lord Krishna too emphasized on selfless acts for well - being of others.

What Astrology Teaches Us, by Isabel Hickey

FaceBook  On Sep 14, 2012 Rajesh Singh Sisodia wrote:
 Yesterday is history, Tomorrow is mystery, For a well - lived today - is ASTROLOGY.

We Are Between Stories, by Judith Thompson

FaceBook  On Jan 2, 2012 Rajesh Singh Sisodia wrote:

Yes,the article is very pragmatic.Today we are really witness to "spritualism & materailism" which are the poles apart. But we have to live between these two opposite poles.Living amid these two poles is called LIFE.


Living With a Rebel Within, by Dzogchen Ponlop

FaceBook  On Sep 25, 2011 Rajesh Singh Sisodia wrote:

Very nie and in formative article. The rebel with in maks us reactive listener. Hence w should avoid this rebel.


We Are Never Alone, by Anandmurti Gurumaa

FaceBook  On Jun 30, 2008 Rajesh Singh Sisodia wrote:
It is a very good lesson.In fact complex process of meditation has been taught in simple words. Really applaudable.

Indigenous Perception in a Modern Body, by Jon Young

FaceBook  On Mar 25, 2008 Rajesh Singh Sisodia wrote:
Charity Focus always comes up with inspirational stories.There won't be any problem across the globe if the spirit of headline of this story is followed with due persistence by every one. Congrats once again for such an inspirational story.

Zen TV, by Bernard McGrane

FaceBook  On Jan 2, 2008 Rajesh Singh Sisodia wrote:
This article teaches us how to become proactive listeners and informative readers in our life.A proactive listner listens to what is said, where as a reactive listener listens to who is saying. The mind of reactive listener is alwways flooded with bias and reactions. Likewise an in formative reader grasps the gysts of scriptures where as pleasure reader reads for sake of reading and pleasure.We should become proactive and in formative watchers of T.V. while seeing it. If I am wrong kindly correct my perceptions by mailing me.