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Willing to Experience our Suffering, by Charlotte Joko Beck

FaceBook  On Dec 21, 2009 Matthew Oliver Sloan wrote:

A really wonderful thought for this holy-season. With true acceptance of our life, comes true joy. Suffering is only our reaction to circumstances, our thoughts and reactions to them. How wonderful to really be in our suffering. With being comes peace, and release. Oh, how I hope to be in my suffering so it just melts away into the true joy of being.


Underneath All Victories and Defeats, by Gangaji

FaceBook  On Aug 31, 2009 Matthew Oliver Sloan wrote:

I love her use of the term - "Open Mind" as opposed to  no mind. It recalls to me an incident from my youth. I was 15, studying O/A level Math in England (my place of birth) and my teacher opened my mind with this definition of a straight line - "A straight line is a circle with infinite circumference."

Open Mind, I love it!