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Sitting Aboard Life's Merry-Go-Round, by Karl Renz

FaceBook  On Sep 11, 2012 M K Krishnaswamy wrote:

As Swamy Vigyananda observed, the analogy is not apt. A  Katha Upanisad (1.3.3-4) compares the the human body to a chariot drawn by horses running on a rough road with the owner seated as the soul and the ego as the driver holding the reins. reflects our life  more correctly. To live a blissful life, the ego must guide the horses with the reins held according to the advice of the Owner.


Bringing the Vacation Spirit into Daily Life, by Robert S. Hartman

FaceBook  On Feb 20, 2009 Krishnaswamy M K wrote:
When one sees a Bonsai Banian tree, the first reaction is praise for the skill of the gardener: "how he has successfully grown the dwarf version of a huge tree". None has admiration for the living tree in hiding its greatness and cooperating with the gardener to produce a Bonsai version for the living room. Human beings who work for others mostly remain unrecognized. Yet they continue to work, motivated by their inner spirit. Those who can see the Lord in every little particle of the Universe are truly great. -- Krishnaswamy

The Mystery of Silence, by Dorothy Hunt

FaceBook  On Feb 18, 2008 krishnaswamy wrote:
In Dakshinamurti Slokam, Adi Sankara speaks of Siva as Guru teaching the rishis in silence: mauna-vyAkhyA-prakaTita-para-brahma-tatvaM Lao Tsu describes the ‘Law of the reversed effect’ thus: It is in the letting go, that we are enabled to receive; In the stillness, that we can participate; In the silence, hear; and, out of the dark night, see. To know the Truth, one must get rid of knowledge