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Keep No Accounts With Love, by Mikhail Naimy

FaceBook  On Sep 17, 2007 maryann moon wrote:
Thank you for sharing this!! I choose to make every day rich with the holy opportunity to love that which seems unlovable, to tolerate what seems intolerable, to stay out of holy way of my brothers by never thinking I must finish their sentences when they are searching for their own best word or words. I choose to let everyone find his own sweet invaluable worth by being patient and compassionate and offering them my own hopefully slowly growing talent for listening to them and looking into their eyes with the sweetest love and mercy I know how. You really got me started here!

The Opportunity Aging Offers, by Ram Dass

FaceBook  On Aug 27, 2007 maryann moon wrote:
I appreciate what Ram Dass says here, yet at 68, I don't at all feel frail or despairing. These are extraordinary times, and are as refreshng and filled with wonder as any other time I've ever lived. I will join him in the idea that I will embody wisdom. There are so many wondrous beings now who are urging us on, to stay the course, remember who we are, and they bring us a sense of being loved as in no other time in history in the history of mankind!

Fear: Its Beginning, Middle and End, by J. Krishnamurti

FaceBook  On Apr 30, 2007 maryann moon wrote:
Yes, of course, I do see! When there is total attention paid to the moment, there can be no fear. What an extraordinary Truth! I was shown the most beatiful Truth during a deep meditation a few years, it was extraordinary and I shall never forget it!

Evolving From Hope to Hopelessness, by Margaret Wheatley

FaceBook  On Feb 27, 2007 maryann moon wrote:
Today in joy I give thanks for the brilliant new day and gather and gather silence.