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Beyond Content Of Thought, by Ram Dass

FaceBook  On Sep 19, 2017 Maryanne wrote:

 I believe the mechanics and content of thought have very different qualities.  Is practice to discern these different qualities?  Observing the quality of mechanics has an immediate release of pressure and attachment.  This can become a joyful practice, this awareness, even filled with humor! . . (the cosmic laugh?)  Challenge is to stay in faith and intention . . which requires constant, but not obsessive practice.  As our generous wisdom teacher RD has said above, it is a delicate situation.  But doesn't it build on itself with attention?


Emptiness And Compassion Go Hand In Hand, by Norman Fischer

FaceBook  On Sep 12, 2017 Maryanne wrote:

 What a healing integration of the two aspects of compassion, absolute and relative.  I have often felt torn between, and thus lacking.  This is a gift for meditation.


Loving Your Enemy, by Brother David Steindl-Rast

FaceBook  On Aug 29, 2017 Maryanne de Prophetis wrote:

 I recently heard a sermon by the now deceased Master Shinjo Ito, co-Founder of Shinnyo-en, in which he emphatically expressed the need to unconditionally accept all people, all sentient beings.  That this total acceptance is our non-dualistic reality.  He did not say that this was easy, but a purifying practice.