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Stay With The Breath, by Thanissaro Bhikkhu

FaceBook  On Jun 17, 2014 Matt wrote:

 I am enjoying doing elder service, this was so timely, this idea of helping does not come with the privilege of distraction, all of my sense as one mindfulness brings it all together. Peace,


In Praise of Idleness, by Bertrand Russell

FaceBook  On Jun 3, 2014 Mattski wrote:

Thanks this was so refreshing and loving that it was right in time with the neutral bias mentality I am fostering. Here's to our joyful exertion and mindful space holding for what comes next.  


Staying In Your Own Business, by Byron Katie

FaceBook  On May 21, 2014 Matt wrote:

 In early recovery I found out that I was an emotional enmesher, I lived others ups and downs, wins and losses, felt their pain and suffering and basically was an exposed nerve with no healthy boundaries. It's good to know your motivating factors and even though you may be trying to help you could still be compromising their integrity. As a healer in recovery, we go into engines that are hot and running, and we are building the plane while it is flying, bringing everyone home with a safe landing is the mark of our craft. Peace, Matt


Nothing Else Matters, by Scott Morrison

FaceBook  On Apr 19, 2014 matt wrote:

 The universe is calling and we are listening,smelling the flowers, the different colors of green on a tree, pick up the soil and touch it, feel the breeze on your cheeks, we are connected with each precious breath, radical kindness, unconditional positive regards, you are loved!


Nothing Else Matters, by Scott Morrison

FaceBook  On Apr 16, 2014 matthew wrote:

 Nothing matters until it does, healing without within. We'll hold the paradox of both truths. Your truth, my truth and the real truth. giggles, this article is healing and joyful


Nothing Else Matters, by Scott Morrison

FaceBook  On Apr 15, 2014 matthew kowalski wrote:

 Oh thanks Me! am smiling all over with your shared joy, this precious moment is all!