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Reflections on Life from Death Row, by Moyo

FaceBook  On Sep 28, 2017 Matthew Villarreal wrote:

 What state is Moyo in? I would like to start a petition to get him pardoned. What good will executing him do? I believe he can now be a catalyst for good in the world.  


From Being Driven To Being Drawn, by Richard Rohr

FaceBook  On Aug 1, 2017 Matthew Villarreal wrote:

 This is also true about basic situations in life. Getting fired from a job might seem "bad," but it could also lead to an even better, more fulfilling job. Likewise, being rich might seem "good," but it can also lead to cravings for more and so create a lack of contentment. There is a positive and negative element to everything. That is life. That is the Tao.