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We're Voting With Our Attention, by Leah Pearlman

FaceBook  On Oct 13, 2020 Martha Nelson wrote:
We are what we think about. And what we think about expands. In our lives, in our world. Ancient concept, continued truth.

Keeping The Smoke Hole Open, by Martin Shaw

FaceBook  On Mar 31, 2020 Martha Nelson wrote:
As I die to self more and more in this isolated state of being, I wonder what will be left on the stone when this is over. Will I be more pure of heart? Or will this unnatural state of the smoke hole closing create in me a heart afraid, unconvinced of the possibilities of life again?
A good hard cleansing can leave a garment faded, uncolorful in its purity, flatly folded to rest in a hidden cupboard, silent to the outside world, craving nothing. Some would say, "At last." I would say, "Not for me."