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To Have Without Holding, by Marge Piercy

FaceBook  On Aug 27, 2014 Marilyn Flint wrote:

 Thank you for your beautiful Blake poem. The experience of caring for a husband whose disease made him so helpless was surprisingly fulfilling. The continuously expanding  love that demanded nothing for myself was the strongest love I've ever felt, even beyond my love for my children. It helped me learn so much about the real meaning of true love.


To Have Without Holding, by Marge Piercy

FaceBook  On Oct 15, 2013 Marilyn wrote:

It means loving your spouse even when Alzheimer's has turned his brain into that of a toddler...taking him to dances when he can't remember how to dance so he can smile at friendly faces..taking him for walks in snow and rain because he loves to be out in nature...and telling him you like to help him so you can show him how much you love him as you crawl under the stall in a public restroom to clean up the mess. It's a new kind of love, but it's just as real.