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The Day I Learned The Value of a Smile, by Maya Angelou

FaceBook  On Feb 25, 2016 Manyam wrote:

 Beautiful, made me smile :)


True Splendor of Science, by Alan Watts

FaceBook  On Aug 20, 2015 many am wrote:

Beautiful words, the more you look deeper the more you find, that's the true wonder that surrounds us, only in few fleeting moments we have a fragile grasp of it and then the mind does it's tricks and sucks you back into it's theater. we are indeed blessed to be in an age where more of us are becoming aware of it with little effort because of those that came before us.


Radical Amazement, by Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel

FaceBook  On May 5, 2015 Many wrote:

 Do we need the notion of 'he' to wonder? Anytime I lookup i am in a state of radical amazement, how is that tiny little me can look up and find our about the trillion stars and billion galaxies out there, wondering and wandering has been lost in our times but we don't need 'he' gods or goddesses anymore, just look up at the sky


Are You Bored Yet?, by Karen Maezen Miller

FaceBook  On Mar 21, 2014 Manyam wrote:

beautifully written, we are drowning in distractions and yet want more. To stop and do nothing seems scary, there is not a single second left in our tomorrow that we have not planned for in our minds consciously or unconsciously, why? Not sure the cosmos intended us to be this way while they simply drift away with abandon


The Great Tragedy of Speed, by David Whyte

FaceBook  On Apr 21, 2013 Manyam wrote:

That's very beautifully put, The odd irony is that we all do recognize the unnamed race we seem to be on at a conscious level but seem incapable of slowing down. It needs a deliberate effort to slow down, like friction stopping a moving object we need something to slow us down, may be it's finding the source of friction that we are willing to trade off against the speed is the real challenge, not the race it self.


Serving Is Different From Helping And Fixing, by Rachel Naomi Remen

FaceBook  On Mar 14, 2013 Manyam wrote:
This strikes a deep chord with me but I can't articulate why. Are the lines clear between helping, fixing and serving others? A very enlightening perspective indeed

The Secret Of Work, by Swami Vivekananda

FaceBook  On Feb 23, 2012 manyam wrote:
Can you give love without receiving it? The conventional wisdom in India from the ages of Bhagavadgita has been that suffering and disappointment comes from expectations. Expect nothing in return and you are truly freed and you are peaceful as a monk. There is deep truth in that but when it comes to love can be it stil true? Would we be able to give love without ever receiving in return. Wouldn't expecting something in return be the catalyst for giving more of it? Would you even know what giving love is when you don't expect to receive it or how to receive it?

How Randomness Rules Our Lives, by Leonard Mlodinow

FaceBook  On Dec 30, 2011 manyam wrote:

Wonderful passage that captures an essential force in our lives that we rarely speak about and acknowledge. This should not mean we become vagabond flames of the winds but create meaning in our lives despite those winds. We may not yet know the purpose of our lives but one thing we could be is be greatful for what we do have today and create well paved paths for those to come just like the father did in the article for the son to be born and raised in NY.


I Am Nothing, by Paul Buchheit

FaceBook  On Aug 25, 2011 mailman wrote:

Glad to see Paul dive into the fallacy of expectatations. The eastern philosophies play down the self and there by freeing it from these false choices/expectations as paul says. There is deep wisdom in doing and being without expecting. but it's very hard to do. very very hard.


Worms Are, Therefore I Am, by Satish Kumar

FaceBook  On Jan 17, 2011 mailman wrote:

What a wonderful view of the world that surrounds us, thanks for giving us that apple byte of wisdom.