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Run With The Unexpected, by Aryae Coopersmith

FaceBook  On May 10, 2021 mamta nanda wrote:
Thank you. Such an inspiring offering, especially for the times when fear of the unknown arises....
The thought of 'Run with thewind into places unknown to you' is very liberating.
The paradox of keeping promises and breaking some helps me when faced with polarities, I trust that my heart will guide me to know which ones I need to remember, which ones to forget and when.....

See The Universe In A Sunflower, by Thich Nhat Hanh

FaceBook  On May 4, 2021 mamta nanda wrote:
Just as Sun is always there, even on days when it is hidden behind the clouds, even during the night when it is on the other side of the Earth....
We know this now and do not doubt it. Let's also nourish our inner knowing of a world where people enjoy wonderful health and wellbeing with love, peace and joy in their open hearts....

Thirsty For Wonder, by Mirabai Starr

FaceBook  On Mar 9, 2021 mamta nanda wrote:
Thank you for helping me look at my experiences of wonder through this lens. Reading this has helped me soften towards myself, for those moments of disappearance when I thought I was not being present. This writing is incredibly beautiful and liberating.

The Practice Of Soft Eyes, by Parker Palmer

FaceBook  On Aug 14, 2018 mamta wrote:

 What surfaced within as I read this beautiful post, is that I need to hold myself with love and compassion when I wish to have soft eyes, but respond with narrow eyes.


Who are you, really?, by Kosi

FaceBook  On Nov 18, 2014 Mamta wrote:

 I have had this profound sense of inner knowing a few times now in different contexts, once during a soul plan reading, once during a Reiki retreat, and once during meditation at a QiGong retreat. It seemed like, I knew the truth of these insights that arose, at soul level, some of this was surprising - as in me, can I really be that! Some was accompanied by a flood of emotion. And yes, it seems like I have to let go of attachment to some misperception that has held me back from some of these realisations. I trust that with time, as more of such misperceptions are released, more inner truth will conitnue to be revealed. As I am more at peace, and present, and in my body, I will continue to be able to connect with my inner truth.


Reaching Underneath Our Protective Shell, by Pema Chodron

FaceBook  On Nov 6, 2013 Mamta Nanda wrote:

I love the Buddhist mindfulness technique of 'Breathing in - I am aware of the feeling, breathing out - I send it love'. This helps me to accept and acknowledge what is coming up without judgement and hopefully helps it to flow through me rather than get suppressed.
Thanks for this article Pema, just what I needed to be reminded of today.