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Relationships Make You Conscious, Not Happy, by Eckhart Tolle

FaceBook  On Apr 18, 2016 purelove wrote:

When love is less, challenges are more. It takes a momentary thought to create an issue but a lifetime to overcome. We are using more head (logic), which creates difficulty to love or surrender. 

Acceptance becomes automatic and differences non-existent, in moments when there is pure love.
'Bhakti' seems to be the most beautiful practice of divine love, one can experience & offer. 


Giving Somebody Your Heart, by Anonymous

FaceBook  On Apr 14, 2013 madhur wrote:

Dear Kristin,

We did a little free hugs exercise recently, and it was good. However, i could not see profound impact or deep conversations. Either we needed to interact more , we were still holding back or something which could have made the experience more powerful. Need your suggestions on how to think or do to make it a moment of embrace and connectivity.