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The Liminal Space, by Heather Platt

FaceBook  On Feb 18, 2020 Gururaj wrote:
When I 'hold' the space rightly am I allowing something beyond my habitual response to 'inform' me ?

The Anatomy Of Falling, by Michael Singer

FaceBook  On Jan 2, 2020 Gururaj wrote:
For me "hitting the blockage" ( seemed to me as an odd phrase, but got what it intends to convey) occurs with three types of 'resistance' objects - one - an inert thing, like an equipment to be dismantled; two - when I need to wrestle with my organism , like when I wake up feeling lousy after deficient sleep and ; three - when the 'blockage' arises due to another person's actions.
For the first situation, the successful overcoming has happened(not often) when I have given up my frustration, relaxed my muscles and breathing and focussed attention on what needs to be done.
For the second situation useful (and true) affirmations have helped. For the case of feeling lousy on waking up due to lack of rest, I tell myself that even the daytime nourishes my organism, why assume that only good sleep is needed. Often it works out.The jobs on hand get done. The third situation is the toughest and I am getting glimpses of breakthroughs by (a) recognizing that being present very alertly is necessary and (b) much stronger and deeper affirmations are necessary - like this obstacle is an opportunity to work on my being, or my being belongs to the Creator, it is a temple entrusted to me to be kept clean, and so on . This article is very inspiring and helpful for the 3rd type of situations, for adding to my 'arsenal' of affirmations.
One point needs to be noted - not to let go of the aim or intention. What are to be let go off (in the moments they are gaining strength) are only my reactions from habit.

When My Life Is In Danger, by Christina Feldman

FaceBook  On Nov 6, 2019 Raj wrote:
Instances - In early college years, just sitting near a class mate (who was sobbing after losing his father) while the others kept away as they probably felt uncomfortable.
Simpler ones - shifting any creature back to its natural habitat after it has strayed and is unable to get back. Stopping my journey to help anyone struggling in some way, as carrying a heavy load.
Sometimes I see the fact of not being compassionate to and accepting of - myself.
It helps to step out of little sufferings, with no substantial basis, by considering that ' I ' am the trustee and caretaker of the life energy in me and that it needs to be kept light and clean.