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I Am Nothing, by Paul Buchheit

FaceBook  On Sep 3, 2011 Lloyd wrote:

 There is nothing to be! We are all essences or souls , if you will, of an aware consciousness which is God and which is within and without us alway. Our 5 senses serve up conditioned responses to the illusions that pass as reality. This is an illusion. We are conditioned from before birth to react and relate to what we perceive, taste, touch, smell, feel and see. This is very limiting for there is a witness within each of us, some call it our soul, and it is aware of everything that is now, was before and also what will be. It is also referred to as a divine matrix of aware consciousness/God. We can tune into this constant explosion of life at any time, meditation is the most accepted form of transcendence and the best known. Thank you for reading. Sat Nam!


I Am Nothing, by Paul Buchheit

FaceBook  On Aug 30, 2011 Lloyd Sevigny wrote:

 This title or attitude should be "I am something" and then one knows that there are possibilities too numerous to even worry about. I understand the approach to I am nothing but the phrase rings to a negative tune. Tat Tvam Asi is a Hindu mantra meaning "I am that" which in fact also means I am everything in existence. If one is trying to teach that we have strengths which have been hidden from us or that we have overlooked, a positive statement is a more potent manner in which to communicate. Sat Nam!