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Causes Of Happiness, by Dalai Lama

FaceBook  On Jun 13, 2019 jerard lizares wrote:
Its just simply of satisfaction, be it material thing or an event. When were hoping and achieve a thing, thats the time we become compassionate

Why Busyness Is Actually Modern Laziness, by Rasmus Hougaard and Jacqueline Carter

FaceBook  On May 31, 2019 jerard lizares wrote:
lazy on a way we tend to avoid some comfrontation in our lifelife, be it intentionally or not. Before , I used to drown myself just working and it consume so much of my time, believing that it fullfills me in the hope of promising career path.
​​Having the though ,on the contrary, it will cover the other side of me, like having a gap with my family, but i was wrong.

​​​​​Having a clear mind will help you to balance among of the aspects of you life.

Serving Is Different From Helping And Fixing, by Rachel Naomi Remen

FaceBook  On Apr 8, 2019 jerard lizares wrote:
Serving-responsibility of commitment to extend help
helping-can be fixing or serving
fixing- an effort to make you right

i personally experienced all of these from different people in each moment of time in my life.choosing right or respond from all of these is actually depends to us.

No Longer Playing It Safe, by bell hooks

FaceBook  On Apr 8, 2019 jerard lizares wrote:
Transformation of love is to live a life with God. We overcome the fear of committing love as we let ourselves live with the trust in God that things will be alright in all walks of life.

Taking a Stand, by Lynne Twist

FaceBook  On Sep 4, 2016 jenn wrote:

 Taking a stand means what you believe is what you become.Its a strength within you that no amount of discouragement  cannot beat. There are a lot of ups and down in life that sometimes pushes me to go and pushes me to slow down but in every phases of each struggle, taking stand on what I believe to where I am going remains.


With Fullness in Life, Everything is Possible, by Facundo Cabral

FaceBook  On Jul 28, 2016 jenn wrote:

 Losing something is impossible, it is only a matter of our perspective of seeing things differently of what is left over what is lost. There were times of my life I lost my pride when I got a child out of wed lock and raised him alone. Thereafter I was criticized, ashamed by my family, next thing that happened is I choose a guy to marry that in reverse they hardly disagree. But, I did this all out of love by standing of what I believe than seeing things that it is an obligation to follow what is right in their eyes. Life is a matter of perspective, seeing things according to your points of view. What keeps me away from depression is realizing that things happen naturally when even we are not aware or eventually know the result may come. There is no such thing as losing, only gaining what is left and what is already there. Life is beautiful.

God Bless!


Blessings for Earth-Healers, by Starhawk

FaceBook  On Jul 28, 2016 jenn wrote:

Feeling of gratitude to be healed by the healer of the earth and vice versa by doing random act of kindness and nurture by the earth's natural effect. There we're most of my life filled up with negativity, anger, fear,rejection, frustration where naturally healed by seeing beautiful creatures around us, like when I'm alone, I spend myself seeing far, appreciating dancing trees, whirling winds, sunny and sunset and rivers flowing. They are all natural healing of earth. And vice versa, I share this realization to every people I know who is need of healing too like me. I feel all the gratitude that God made creatures that will give you natural healing, seeing around will make you realize the bigger picture of life. 

God Bless!


The Same Self Is in All of Us, by Eknath Easwaran

FaceBook  On Jan 30, 2016 jerard wrote:

 responding to  self within is  a volition of an action to remain your natural kindness despite of other people dislike and unpleasing  to you


Eulogy Versus Resume Virtues, by David Brooks

FaceBook  On Jun 28, 2015 jerard wrote:

 For me both of the two are building virtues, the only  distinction between the two is that eulogy is  a virtue we build prior to the day we leave the world and such virtue will continue to work in hand, while the resume is a virtue we build to be equipped  in the present.

When we prepare a resume, we ensure all the details therein speaks about our technical ability to compete in the market while a preparation for eulogy is at large character of what we build although our life for the sake of a good legacy that will work in hand as we leave the world.
To deepen the eulogy virtue, I always end up a day with a good realization for the good and bad times, but still looking at the brighter side of everything and being thankful for the blessings left in hand. That, the best virtue is accepting things happen according to God’s will.