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Vulnerability is the Path, by Brene Brown

FaceBook  On Jul 25, 2018 Linda Dingeldein wrote:

 As always I find these concepts so profoundly challenging and "right on!" So much is uncertain in life that I often find it hard to even take one-risky step towards center stage. Just the thought of being that vulnerable creates an overwhelming sense of exposure! One that I cannot cover up or hide. The world sees the real me and that can be terrifying. Lately I have been taking the risk to enter center stage or the arena. To put my words, my thoughts, my art and photography "out there". Just by doing this I realize that I cannot expect applause or even appreication of others. But I also realize, that to not take the risk will be going against who I really am as a person and as the Beloved of God.   Linda Jane Dingeldein:Different by Design


Restoring Balance and Meaning in Ourselves, by Alan Briskin

FaceBook  On Nov 15, 2016 Linda wrote:

 YES!  We need this especially now...a group of contemplatives willing to commit to practicing daily to send that love and energy into the world.  


To Have Without Holding, by Marge Piercy

FaceBook  On Oct 14, 2013 Linda wrote:

 I had a typo.  it was meant to say every good bye...not good...make more sense?


To Have Without Holding, by Marge Piercy

FaceBook  On Oct 14, 2013 Linda wrote:

 It means every good by is forever.  That allowing the moment fill me up and rest in the sweet memory of it.  If the lover appears again, it is falling "in love" as deeply as the first time...again and again if the Devin deems the opportunity.  And if good bye is forever allowing love to be...just be, let if fill me with joy and sorrow at the same time.