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The Difficult People In Your Life, by Sally Kempton

FaceBook  On Mar 20, 2018 Lakshmi Rad wrote:

In every day life we do come across people who are rude or vile. This is part of life.once we become aware of the emotions that arise in us we can handle the situations well. It is not easy but is possible. Energies of anger, irritation, etc cannot be countered with same energies. It becomes combative. Calmness and strategic handling will help.
what is yoga 101?


Practice Without Integration is a Waste, by Krishna Das

FaceBook  On Mar 19, 2014 lakshmi wrote:

 The last activity of mine before going to sleep is to meditate. The days events and actions makes my mind restless and body tired. So the meditation helps. I just sit and put my mind inside my body, it travels and points out various places of aches and pain. I start with breathing without watching. Slowly i begin with mind in and mind out breathing. Then the mind settles below the navel. The conscious stomach breathing helps. After five minutes, I can feel the mind calmer and body relaxed. I practice for 20 minutes and then go to sleep. This integrates my body and mind. We cannot change people nor can we accept all the bad vibes thrown at us. But we can certainly eliminate those negative feeling by integrating mind and body and throw out the negatives. After practice I find that my reaction to people's meanness has lessened. Good sleep and energetic awakening in the morning. I'm neither the victim nor the victor. I'm the whole 'ME'!