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Practice Without Integration is a Waste, by Krishna Das

FaceBook  On Mar 18, 2014 kunta wrote:

One can forgive but not forget.  Every reminder of the past occurrence  re-ignites the pain.  One loses the trust.  That is the time to guide your mind to positive thinking and be peaceful.  Fearlessness and love towards the deliverers of tsunami towards your sensitivity, ego and your physical body, will build dams strong and high enough to withstand the force of destruction of your well being.

Serving Is Different From Helping And Fixing, by Rachel Naomi Remen

FaceBook  On Mar 25, 2013 Kunta wrote:

 Sense for serving is usually born with you.  Triggering incidences can evoke the overpowering desire to serve.  When I serve, I do not think about if he/she/organization deserves to be served.  If someone took my services with exploitation in their heart, it is their problem,  my problem was I did not take time to recognize the negative aspect of the serving.  One day, I have to answer to God.