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A Scheme to Change the World?, by Hazrat Inayat Khan

FaceBook  On Feb 28, 2017 Kristof wrote:

 There is good in our hearts but at this point of time we still do not have  or give enough the right education to the schools ,so what dominates is fear .The right kind of education is what we need for our goodness to grow and eventually make us free . 


Medicine for the Earth, by Sandra Ingerman

FaceBook  On Jan 6, 2017 Kristof wrote:

 I was siting ,trying to calm  but my mind was restless ,I changed my way of consuming ,I  accepted raw diet and was amazed how my mind became  much more peacful without extra mental effort.


Medicine for the Earth, by Sandra Ingerman

FaceBook  On Jan 6, 2017 Kristof wrote:

 Respect all beings,from that platform we will be able create respectful civilization..


Trees are Sanctuaries, by Herman Hesse

FaceBook  On Sep 20, 2016 Kristof wrote:

 Barbara you made me so happy,as long you are there there is hope for humanity.Thank You


Right Away is the Opposite of Now, by Jacob Needleman

FaceBook  On Sep 15, 2016 Kristof wrote:

 When I wake up in the  morning  right away  I start getting ready for the day it takes me some time to truly wake up
then I sit down and I observe  the process of waking and falling asleep .When I sit down long enough I can see that process of turning into hungry ghost more clear ..


My Work is Loving the World, by Mary Oliver

FaceBook  On Aug 17, 2016 Kristof wrote:

What will  happen if we do not love the world.............?How to love a mosquito,I need to know how to love the whole creation,,,it is part of me,us.what will happen if I do not love?


With Fullness in Life, Everything is Possible, by Facundo Cabral

FaceBook  On Jul 19, 2016 Kristof wrote:

 When we live without claiming proprietorship over anything,emptying our self every day ,every moment of this wrong concept then we may see interdependence of all existence at that state we have the opportunity to make right choce.  


Sufficiency is Not Abundance, by Lynne Twist

FaceBook  On Feb 2, 2016 Krzysztof wrote:
Jesus loves you as you are -- that is a big one. Without understanding  of who we are in connection to the  whole micro and macro universe  it is very hard to live without fear and that without over accumulation, the kind of education we get will determine our level of fear or freedom.

Who are you, really?, by Kosi

FaceBook  On Nov 19, 2014 Kristof Sibilla wrote:

Thank You ,great beings.This is such a long you are there this world won,t be destroyed by ignorance,immortality will rule.
When I am on 100% raw nonviolant diet I  have some taste of my real nature.My body feels very light.walking feels like flying ,no fear of death,without any extra intelectual effort i know that I am something more than this body.
Thank You again.


Conscious Simplicity, by Duane Elgin

FaceBook  On Oct 23, 2014 Kristof Sibilla wrote:

Live simply so others can simply live.
Mahatma Ghandi ,the real superman put  the truth in few words , to live simply we need to be His students.He thought by example that what made Him so powerful.As long as I want to live the western way,it is hard for  me to even
think about simplicity.


Aliveness and Harmony, by Christopher Alexander

FaceBook  On Jan 9, 2014 Krzystof wrote:

Spontaneous expression in full harmony with all that is.


Aliveness and Harmony, by Christopher Alexander

FaceBook  On Jan 5, 2014 Krzystof Sibilla wrote:

The less violent we are to our surroundings the more stable our inner work become .I do remember my first attempt to  meditate after I decided not to kill any moving being for food. I was surpised when the door where I was sitting slamd loud and my reaction to it.Since then I accepted that way of life, still improving it,  and my perception of inner and outer reallty became more united.
The most destructive weapon on this planet is the table fork.Ghandi.


To Separate and Unify, by Mark Nepo

FaceBook  On Sep 24, 2013 krzystof wrote:

Years of meditation,long nights of speculation,trying to get closer to the Truth,and then a friend sugested 'why don,t you go raw' and I did,BING!  no seperate endevour ,much easier method than anything i done before.......
To what extend we respect  totality of existence to that extend we will experience unity or seperation to or from the Truth.