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Substituting One Cruelty For Another, by Anthony de Mello

FaceBook  On Oct 6, 2020 klaus wrote:
It is true that everything you look at can change when you look at it in another mood a second time again.
However it is NOT TRUE that things have changed.
Deeds, acts, cruelty committed by humans does not disappearby looking at it a second time and with another mood and no one can change what has happened.
It does not help that YOU are 'awake', in a good mood, with love and full of good intentions ...

The Broken Piano In 1975, by Marti Leimbach

FaceBook  On Sep 8, 2020 Klaus wrote:
So what? What do we learn from this piece of ... erm... unbroken admiration for an eccentric musician? Does he feed the hungry? Is there any wisdom of how to interact in a harmonic and friendly way with things, people and the music? ... lol ... Does it not just shows a typical western bahavior of >if you don;t want, I will use force my way< ? ... It simply shows that people have not learnt, yet

A Circle of Trust, by Parker Palmer

FaceBook  On Apr 14, 2015 klaus wrote:

 ...and the soul is there - but what happens when it is opressed by stronger forces in you, destructive and not able to listen to your positiv inner voice? Or in other words, why are there so many sucides - mainly men betwenn 19 - 25 and between 40 - 45 years?