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How Can You Live In This World And Yet Be Innocent?, by J. Krishnamurti

FaceBook  On Nov 27, 2019 Krishna Kadali wrote:
Living innocently to me means living naturally. As a human being, we are elite species on this earth and we have tremendous potential to make the world a much better place for all other life in this universe. Humans instead have forgotten about their purpose for existence and living in an accumulation mode without realizing what they are really living for. Last few years for mehave been a time of inner change facilitated by my meditation and connecting with inner self. Today I don't see any need for covering myself with any mask. Leading a simple life and find ways to help as many less fortunate people as possible seems to me is the way forward to lead a happy and peaceful life. Thank you Awakin circle members for helping me progress along this way through your reflections. 

Staying Small To Stay Safe, by Peggy Dulany

FaceBook  On Nov 13, 2019 Krishna Kadali wrote:
Very good article to reflect on. I feel each of our inner self is unique and how each of us perceive things could be different and could be seeing a different angle to the reality that others might be missing. So rather than containing and hiding our magnificence with the fear of being wrong, it is good to express ourselves with an anticipation that we could be wrong and willing to correct ourselves. With this approach, we can see the reality better, accept the reality better and our collective goal should be how can we make the reality better for ourselves as well as for everyone around us.