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Don't Go Back to Sleep, by Elizabeth Lesser

FaceBook  On Oct 28, 2014 Varsha wrote:
 This beautiful write up has come to me at a time when I have been going through the lowest point in my life. Turmoil inside, confusion, anxiety and sleeplessness had surrounded me. All I could see was darkness. To seek for some answers I left my job and wanted to run away from everything n everyone. My friends family. I
went to a remote ashram in India thinking I would find my peace there. But once I was there I was even more stressed and couldn't relate to anything they were preaching. I was more lost. But that's when I realized that what I'm looking for, is right inside me. I didn't have to travel so fr away n spend so much money. I realized my biggest strength is my family whom I was running away from. I am so much more grateful now about my blessings than I ever was. I've learnt to take more responsibilities now. I'm glad i went through this phase Only to reAlise my blessings. :)

The Power of Patience, by Sharon Salzberg

FaceBook  On Feb 13, 2014 Varsha wrote:

 Thanks Peter. I've been considering doin Vipassana for a long time now but always thought it was too tough. This time I will go for it. Thanks for the advice. :)

Lazar one thing I know is peaceful places, nature and physical fitness pulls I'm gonna try picking up activities that  take me closer to these. Thanks :)


The Power of Patience, by Sharon Salzberg

FaceBook  On Feb 12, 2014 Varsha wrote:

 Hi Sharon,
Ive been trying hard to figure out what I want to do with my life at age 32. Im married and not working. Im always confused about what to do with my free time. I keep wavering in my head from learning a language to taking up yoga for teaching purpose. But i can never stop at one point and say, "this is it. this is what I want to do forever"

This makes me very impatient and frustrated. I keep changing my mind too often. What do u think I should do. I need a real goal in life to get more focused and feel my worth. Pls help.



Letter on the Kitchen Table, by John Ptacek

FaceBook  On Jul 28, 2012 varsha wrote:
 wow this is just so well written!! n so true!! our egos just dont let us be light n have fun in relationships. it just makes them so heavy n conditional. but when we let go...we realize its easier to live w/o an ego than with it coz it always makes us  wanna expect something from someone. n when people dont live upto our expectations we r dejected, disappointed n so miserbale!!! Goodbye ego :)