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Tale of Two Sermons, by G.I. Gurdjieff

FaceBook  On Apr 1, 2013 madhur wrote:

Thank you for this post. I especially benefited from the comments, which helped me realise more deeper meaning to the passage. 1. Being open minded not closed due to experience and 2. Anything done with an intent of service communicates much more rather with any self benefit were my two major learnings from this.
I am grateful for this space and people.


Sitting Aboard Life's Merry-Go-Round, by Karl Renz

FaceBook  On Sep 7, 2012 rainbowSmiles wrote:
 This piece is beautiful as in a subtle way, giving merri go around example, it presents life's ultimate truths. Do I really need to strain myself or should I even feel that I am driving and taking things further.  Can I support others in the journey and take the journey with others caring for their comfort?
What would happen if I leave my hands off the steering wheel and just let it be.
Thought provoking indirect messages, thanks for posting.

Letter on the Kitchen Table, by John Ptacek

FaceBook  On Jul 15, 2012 madhur wrote:
Wonderful, I am with you completely.
Ego would not go away so soon, it would keep coming back and there may be times it is able to make a fool of us. Yeah but as soon as the realization comes, saying a good bye, again and again would do the trick!
Good luck!

Looking With Head, Heart, and Hands, by Jane Rosen

FaceBook  On Jun 23, 2012 madhur wrote:
This piece explains a beautiful connection! Its unbelievable how kindness can be understood and responded to. Loved reading this. 

Response Vs. Reaction, by Adyashanti

FaceBook  On Apr 28, 2012 madhur wrote:
  Righteousness is a major problem for all conflicts. When we observe something is Not Right and resist or rise against it, it may arise ego clashes or war depending on the nature and size of conflict. What gets lost in the whole scene is love and understanding for the other party. If in moments of anger, resistance or violence , we can still keep love for the other buddy and good intentions alive, hatred cannot come into picture. Arising, arguments would still happen but with right fundamental thoughts and attitude.

A Spiritual Conspiracy, by Author Unknown

FaceBook  On Nov 26, 2011 Smile wrote:

 Thank you. This makes me realise that every little thing i do or say to another with a good intention is helping me to accomplish a spiritual transformation. So its not true that i am not doing much, but am already making small drops to create the ocean. This is a great feeling!


Finding the Deepest Joy in Relationships, by Ezra Bayda

FaceBook  On Oct 30, 2011 smile wrote:

 Beautifully said. 

I had read someone's goal in life as 'Being happy and peaceful within' and it comes back to me so often.. This can help make decision of our attitude, reaction to any situation.

It may be very difficult to follow no expectation or not wanting something for our actions in return, but an immediate materialistic reward may prevent us from getting the non-materialistic deep experiences and rewards.

The one who understand and explores this may not come back but reaching to that point in every situation even most troublesome ones can be a big challenge.


Giving Somebody Your Heart, by Anonymous

FaceBook  On Oct 8, 2011 Smile wrote:

 Beautiful passage and comments. It does need a lot of courage and is a Big- big risk not only to open your hear, be truthful but more so to continue doing this for others even after you face difficulties. It may seem foolish to outsiders to forgive someone who has been harming you but only those who have been blessed with unconditional love and open heart can think of being reallly there for others.

I have a long way to go and shall try to practise this more and more often.

I agree its more important to live a fulfilling life than securing what we already have.


Three Universal Human Processes, by Angeles Arrien

FaceBook  On Sep 13, 2011 smile wrote:

This is a b'ful passage with so much value in it. I have experienced that being a great friend of self makes so much difference to inner peace and joy.Blaming oneself or fighting within, leaves you so weak and vulnerable as you are confused, not sure and negatively oriented about your own self.

As a teenager, I mostly fought with my own self and always put blame for anything which went wrong. This was I wasted so much energy and time into negative thinking and blocking my own growth. Later, after I became mature and became calm and supportive to self , my happiness and peace of mind were much more and my relations became healthier too. I realised that my mind was much less noisy now and this gave me more time and energy to work or relate as I wanted.

The comment below adds value to this too. Realising that we are part of the system and unify with all makes us considerate, loving and happy in every situation.


Make Death Your Ally, by Duane Elgin

FaceBook  On Jul 12, 2011 smile wrote:

I feel blessed to read this passage and comments. These contain peace, strength and happiness embedded within with the message to be good, loving all the time.

Thanks a lot


The Mystery of Love, by Kent Nerburn

FaceBook  On Jul 4, 2011 smile wrote:

The comments on the passage help derive the beauty and enlightenment within.

Love contains huge strength and can create greatness. Happiness and peace are a package deal.

Without it gloom, sadness or distress may be experienced in exactly the same situation

Thank you so much.



Rest and Be Taken, by Adyashanti

FaceBook  On Jun 26, 2011 smile wrote:

Silence opens up the world to me. I never practiced silence until about 2 years ago. Practice of silence since then has been a regular part of life since it makes me peaceful, gives space and opening for new beautiful thoughts and realisations. I know myself, my interactions and understand others much better now and am able to choose what is important to me and live in the moment many times now.

Being at rest gives strength and true happiness. The journey to be at rest always is an ultimate destination for the seeker.



Liking Is for Cowards. Go for What Hurts., by Jonathan Franzen

FaceBook  On Jun 25, 2011 smile wrote:

I had a similar realization last week. I was finding pain , issues as I was looking / getting stuck with them.

If a good thing happened , that was forgotten, however when a problem occured, I was thinking about it more often , talking about it and being with it even after it was gone.

I decided to forget such things easily, forgive more and move on bringing smiles as often as possible. This helps me start living a happily back soon, even after the mess / problem has occured.


Full Effort is Full Victory, by Eknath Easwaran

FaceBook  On May 8, 2011 madhur wrote:

 The passage is beautiful, today i understood what made Gandhiji so popular and obeyed, it was his unshaken selfless committment.

Earlier, I was doing things for gaining appreciation, success etc. however from last 1 year or so (due to more reading and interaction with CF group) i have had a shift in focus. It is about giving in many cases. I have seen this shift has enabled me to work more, remain happy without worrying about what i get, gain more respect and listening and remain focused and clear with confidence in most situations. This indeed is very powerful as i experienced first hand from my little day to day committments. It gives true happiness and self-truse is enhanced to a great degree.

Thankyou so much for posting this, as this small passage has great motivation embedded.


Giving Within For-Give-Ness, by Michael Bernard Beckwith

FaceBook  On May 1, 2011 madhur wrote:

Forgiveness is an extremely important topic in relieving one of negative energies. The thought here is beautiful and the space of spiritual learning has been made BIG by the generous, beautiful and true writings.

What a space to spend quality time on and learn so much from each-others's experience. I feel indebted to CF group and internet for making it possible for such profound discussions to reach home. 

Forgiveness has been cleansing, bringing back time, energy and happiness for me too. When I was able to forgive myself and allow the learning phases instead of challenging and fighting with my own self, it opened up so many possibilities for me. I became much more peaceful, integrated and could do more than before.

When forgiving and forgetting come into practice, the stage of getting angry or upset or feeling victimsed may still happen when some wrong is done, as per my experience. However, the speed with which one can forgive and forget increases with practice .I did find myself able to forgive even during the process of getting angry once and now find most grudges vanishing quickly and an enhanced ability to allow learning for others and self. This has been possible with more interaction with CF folks and readings on these wensites.

All of you are responsible for bringing so many positive changes to habits and thoughts which were grounded and causing problems for 30+ yrs.I was even unaware of my role in creating difficulties and had no idea those could be resolved with a change in thinking process. 

Please, keep sharing generously, open-mindedly and with an intention to love and serve as above. It may create magical changes in someone's life in some way.

Love u all!




The Test for Meditation in Action, by Shinzen Young

FaceBook  On May 1, 2011 madhur wrote:

 There is so much of learning in this space, especially from the comments of our thoughtful, genious readers. It opens up a new world and different perspective to an old world :)

Living the life of no-self is a marvellous idea but needs regular practice through several ways, listening and observing are extremely important and trust in God and his creation is the ultimate need for becoming peaceful and truly happy. Some of us may have lost time earlier and may need to re-build ourselves. The soul however remains unaffected and through cleansing and recycling from a created self may need some effort it's never too late to begin. As pointed out by readers above I couldnt agree more.

Much gratitude for your honest , heartfelt thoughts and comments which bring so much enlightenment.



A 9-Year-Old's Hidden Self, by Jacob Needleman

FaceBook  On Apr 7, 2011 madhur wrote:

 This passage brings up an opening like perhaps the conversation did. The idea of treating the question and the enquirer as perfectly normal, in sync with self and giving profound attention, has so much to learn and practice in everyday life's moments. This has potential perhaps to make deep relations, connect and express or change for good which otherwise may be extremely difficult.

Thanks so much for bring forth a strong message from such a simple incidence. 


Pale Blue Dot, by Carl Sagan

FaceBook  On Mar 10, 2011 madhur wrote:

 This reading and reflections contain so much value and open a whole new world of thoughts and understanding our reactions to me. I am really thankful to each of you for sharing the video , your thoughts and helping other readers learn so much.



You Carry Your Wound, by Osho

FaceBook  On Nov 30, 2010 madhur wrote:

 i can relate to it as earlier i was sensitive , ready to be wounded and egoistic. Then while working with CF, one day i lost a lot of ego and started connecting with people, so became less sensitive too. now life is so much more b'ful every day. i get up smiling, people with who i interact make me feel good generally and i feel the world is my big family.


Stop Eating Our Corn!, by Akinori Kimura

FaceBook  On Nov 23, 2010 madhur wrote:

 Just love to read this :) animals teach us such wonderful lessons, they have not left their values :)

They still eat as much as they need , dont store food, kill only for survival not for comfort or as it is an easier survival technique. The animals allow each other to exist peacefully and have not developed hatred, jealously etc. They are like God's innocent children who follow all laws of nature and teach us to do the same.


Learning to Suffer More Effectively, by Shinzen Young

FaceBook  On Nov 16, 2010 madhur wrote:

 I am grateful to get such messages. They are immensely useful thoughts to overcome such long persisting mental habits. In my 5 years of interactions with CF team and sites, I feel so empowered and  mentally grown up as i have not seen for any common person (excluding CFers and exceptions).


A Realm Beyond Measurement, by Andrew Cohen

FaceBook  On Nov 13, 2010 madhur wrote:

 It's so good to hear almost the full talk of Bikkhu Bodi and learn some profound thoughts.

Experiencing pain, dealing with it and serving others with a smile while going through pain are some most valuable teachings to think about and try to follow.

Thank you so much for sharing the same.


Underneath All Victories and Defeats, by Gangaji

FaceBook  On Aug 31, 2009 madhur wrote:

So very true and enlightening!