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There Is Just One Thing To Do, by Byron Katie

FaceBook  On Apr 2, 2009 Kay wrote:

Phil..May you learn to rise above and just observe...The New Earth book talks about being addicted to "pain energy"  and that  through suffering we become enlightened...


Tired of Clinging, by Richard Bach

FaceBook  On Jul 8, 2008 kaye wrote:
This is the biggie I tend to forget the most !

Can Love Make Progress?, by Thomas Jay Oord

FaceBook  On Jun 3, 2008 Kaye wrote:
I don't buy into the doom and gloom . There is a speck of god in everything.

Power of Blessing, by Rachel Naomi Remen

FaceBook  On Jun 3, 2008 Kaye wrote:
My curiousity is a blessing.