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Futility of Search, by Author Unknown

FaceBook  On Jul 17, 2013 Dr. Kanhaiyalal Sharma wrote:
 Futility of Search. This nice article. Mind has been rightly compared to monkey who jumps up and jumps down continuously until he is tired. Likewise our mind wanders until it is tired. Only  tired mind becomes restful and peaceful. I appreciate the suggestion that let the things go on flow and accept them as they are. This is the state of indifference or putting yourself in the situation of witness only and not to indulge in them. In Gita it is called kshashibhava. You can judge a thing when your are not involved in and participant.
Dr. kanhaiyalal Sharma

Violence and Nonviolence, by The Dalai Lama and Victor Chan

FaceBook  On Jul 7, 2013 Dr.Kanhaiyalal Sharma wrote:

The comment is realistic. When in you're in the womb of your mother you totally depend upon her. Even after your birth you totally depend on mother. She breast you when you're not able to express your hunger. When you grow up even you depend upon her. Even in youth when you're in full swing of your energy you depend upon your wife, colleagues, subordinates, superior officers and lot of other persons. It means you're never fully independent. Our whole existence depends on others though we seem to be dependent. Even our so called decisions and opinions  are influenced by others. We are interdependent and cooperative in our attitude and behavior and all actions. Thanks.


Violence and Nonviolence, by The Dalai Lama and Victor Chan

FaceBook  On Jul 2, 2013 Dr.Kanhaiyalal Sharma wrote:

 Violence and non-violence are two words that express our feeling. A surgeon cuts bleeds a patient in order to cure the patient. On other hand a cheat deceives with sweet language. Violence and non-violence is judged through motive. Motive and action decides violence and non-violence. Gandhiji, Dalai Lama and all right thinking  persons reach the same conclusion. Thanks


Seven People Cutting Stones, by Roger Walsh

FaceBook  On May 26, 2013 Dr.Kanhaiyalal Sharma wrote:

 This is all about attitude in life for work. The first reply is pessimist  and the last reply is full confidence in God. His attitude is of instrumentality in building Cathedral for God. All in life depends on attitude. Attitude decides quality of our actions. Be positive and make other also positive.


The Endless Fertility of Walking, by Rebecca Solnit

FaceBook  On Apr 30, 2013 Dr.Kanhaiyalal Sharma wrote:

 In Indian concept of Charveti means go on walking. The person who runs his destiny also run. Walking is related to thinking. Go on peaceful walking new thoughts will emerge in your mind.


Embracing the Mystery of Uncertainty, by Alan Briskin

FaceBook  On Apr 10, 2013 Dr.Kanhaiyalal Sharma wrote:

Falling of rain is symbolic. When there is harmony then only good things happen. We suffer because of disharmony within us whatever we enjoy is also because of harmony. Essence of life is harmonious balance every where in life.
Dr.Kanhaiyalal Sharma