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Equanimity: the Radical Permission to Feel, by Shinzen Young

FaceBook  On Jul 26, 2010 Geri wrote:

Suppression ---  Identity. Just reading this gives me a giant leap toward the permission slip I've been looking for to BE. I recognize that location does not prevent me from making connections who are of like mind - therefore the 'net provides them. How I do hope that some face time with wise friends presents itself and soon. I am ready for more than i have let myself discover.


Courage to Risk Telling the Truth, by Angeles Arrien

FaceBook  On Jul 26, 2010 Joie wrote:

Finally!  a newsletter with a purpose and a message. In my isolation I am missing connections such as the thoughts I have just read. Where is my 'other' to sit in silence on Wednesdays until there is something worthy of saying.