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Hard Times Require Furious Dancing, by Alice Walker

FaceBook  On Sep 10, 2019 jacqueline wrote:
Dancing silences the minds constant chattering - it’s a kind of meditation. Learning to dance improves focus, posture, energy levels plus the ability to be in the moment.

The Poisoned Tree, by Jack Kornfield

FaceBook  On Apr 30, 2019 Jacqueline wrote:
I had to undergo a total hip replacement , walking had become painful. Iwas grounded during that time and feeling sorry for myself. I got out some art materials and was able to produce a dozen paintings . The paintings are being sold to benefit those who lost their homes in the California fires and some have been made into greeting cards to support orphans in Nepal.
So my suffering turned out to be a chance to connect with my own creativity and be of service to others in the end.
i am so gratefulto be able to walk without pain.