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Social Intelligence, by Daniel Goleman

FaceBook  On Jan 1, 2013 John Daubney wrote:
There are events such as Daniel described where I can breathe deeply, smile, reframe what's going on so as not to take it personally, but there are also events that may hit a deep wound of my own or comes unexpectedly  and viciously from a close friend or family member where my circuitry is overwhelmed emotionally and I may  freeze, not knowing what to do but react.  In those rare moments I have learned to not respond (not always successfully) and instead deep breathe, affirm that "all is well," and perhaps ask Spirit for direction. In those moments of sudden emotional onslaught,  it is best for me not to react, thus giving  myself a chance to regroup and reframe  the reality of what has happened. I am also not averse to sharing my feelings with trusted friend if the feelings persist over time which can give me support but a different perspective as well.
 Consciousness of my thoughts and emotions  is first of all the saving grace for me. It is very important to refocus from what "he or she" has done to me. My power to feel better in these situations is stay with, and focus on myself and on changing my thinking process. When I see myself as a victim I can become very reactive and dis-empowered. . No matter how much Emotional Intelligence  I may possess, in the end I am human and imperfect. I am just thankful for the many tools I have accumulated so that I can find my way out of those moments without making matters worse.

Gaining Mental Power, by Swami Sivananda

FaceBook  On Oct 12, 2012 John Daubney wrote:
I work with the craziness and illogic of my mind by"noticing" my thoughts without judgment or self-criticism, taking a deep breath, and then let them go as many times as necessary. I also remember the God presence within me as my anchor and go on. I have found that by accepting the part of myself where these thoughts come from, knowing that it will always be with me, but does not have to rule my actions I am able to maintain more serenity than when I would hate and judge myself for having such thoughts. With every dark thought, I am then able to rethink, remembering the love within me. That brings me peace and self-acceptance. I have a friend who says, "we all go into the dark places from time to time but we don't have to "pitch a tent there." Thank you for your thought-provoking topics.

Practically Preposterous, by Pavithra Mehta

FaceBook  On Mar 15, 2011 John Daubney wrote:

RE. Practically Preposterous, I'm reminded that when the call came to me to write a book about something I was deeply convicted about, my ego tried everything under the sun to convince me the idea was preposterous:

   You are not a writer; You don't know how to compose a book!  Who would be interested in sitting for an interview with you!   This is just another of your cockamany ideas!    You would never finish it!       No one would be interested in reading your book even if you finished it.

       I think it was musician, Neil Young who said he had to be willing to go out on the stage each night willing to make an Ass____   of himself in order to be his creative self and give his best.  In Gratitude, John

       I'm not sure about re-incarnation so I've decided that that I will listen to for the call, no matter how preposterous it may seem. I will at least explore the "crazy idea" that comes to me. Spirit has directed me to do some pretty odd and non-traditional things in my life and each of them has resulted in my spiritual growth and in benefit to me and others, I trust.

       Trusting only in the logical can cause the death of the creative and the divinely inspired direction.