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Keeping Quiet, by Pablo Neruda

FaceBook  On Dec 3, 2020 Tizz O'Toole wrote:
This is magical. An indrawn breath, counting to 12. Silence is healing. ♥.

Organic Gift, by Parker Palmer

FaceBook  On Jun 29, 2020 Tizz O'Toole wrote:
This really hit home for me. I feel joy when I give, but there was one recent exception, and I realize now why it felt so wrong. I gave a gift of two things that were precious to me.I was expecting a response and judging the person for failing to give. When I examine why I gave, I realized I gave in order to show I was going to treat this young woman better than I had been treated by someone in the same position I am now. I would be generous and understanding and - judgey? Yep, apparently that too. This was a great read. I will check out Dorothy Day. Thank you. ♥.

Preparing For The Extraordinary: An Essential Practice, by Alan Briskin

FaceBook  On Jun 28, 2020 Tizz wrote:
I loved this story about Howard Thurman asking the novice master about his students' most common complaint and the story he told in responseabout the 3 a.m. services. This so aligns with a recent intention to greet the dawn every day. Dawn right now in high summer is 5:30 AM about an hour earlier than I usually wake. But now I want those reverent pre-dawn hours again when I woke at 4:00 AM. There's a place near me overlooking the river where the sun appears on the far horizon. That magical moment is different every single day and I have missed it. So, at this moment, I renew my vow to be a little uncomfortable in order to readjust my schedule to find reverence, magic, and secrets.

“The breezes at dawn have secrets to tell you
Don't go back to sleep!
You must ask for what you really want.
Don't go back to sleep!
People are going back and forth
across the doorsill where the two worlds touch,
The door is round and open
Don't go back to sleep!”


Opposite Of Meditation Is Not Action, It's Reaction, by Richard Rohr

FaceBook  On Apr 27, 2020 Tizz wrote:
I am coming to love this "Being," silence. I am learning this truth deeply right now. My silent presence in my family's life, listening, is helping alleviate their stress. My silence and listening inside when recharging and connecting to Love allow me to act with love rather than react with fear. Something that is helping me reach this deep core of silence, even more, is qi gong. I'm saving this beautiful essay to read again, and sending it to friends. Thank you. ♥.

Honoring Complexity, Being Rooted in Simplicity, by Richard Powell

FaceBook  On Nov 17, 2016 Dot wrote:

 Reading this beautiful essay today, I took a deep, long, relaxing breath and just let it out slowly.  I read these words over and over and they have become a new talisman to me, a great truth in simple words:   "..three simple realities: nothing lasts, nothing is finished, and nothing is perfect."  ♡.


Why I Make Movies, by Mickey Lemle

FaceBook  On Nov 9, 2016 Micky wrote:

"Can you share an experience when the honest witness deep inside you tingled?"  Yesterday in a conversation with my mom, I was telling her what I believed was happening in a place I had never visited.  Yet based on listening, reading and watching, I came to a truth.  Actually, it felt more like I was gifted with a truth.  As I spoke, I felt "honest witness deep inside" agreed -- I felt a Presence, a chilling/warming, all-encompassing "yes, this is true" confirmation.  I don't usually feel that Presence unless I'm meditating.  It was startling and really awe-some to feel it while speaking from my heart.


Three Kinds of Laziness, by Tenzin Palmo

FaceBook  On Mar 15, 2016 Micky wrote:

 I was recently given a beautiful truth during meditation that resonates with this:  "Explore the nuances of silence."  Facing now one of the worst things a parent must face, a missing child, I have been unable to meditate. I have been doing everything possible to find him, filling my days with "doing."  Thank you for this gentle reminder to take time be still again, to breathe out as well as in.


A Strange Predicament, by Pavithra Mehta

FaceBook  On May 19, 2015 Micky wrote:

 This is absolutely true and so beautiful.  Thank you.


Man In The Glass, by Bill Parcells

FaceBook  On Nov 28, 2014 Mick O'Toole wrote:

 Wow I love this.  Thank you! ♥.


Who are you, really?, by Kosi

FaceBook  On Nov 24, 2014 Mick wrote:
 Hi thank you so much! I am so sorry about the double posting.  I tried to copy and pasted the quote into my comment because it really spoke to my heart.  But I didn't see any text, so I didn't know it went through.  Again, apologies for any misunderstanding. This article is wonderful.  I hope I can do as well when my turn comes on Saturday.

Who are you, really?, by Kosi

FaceBook  On Nov 23, 2014 Mick O'Toole wrote:

 There is so much Truth here.  It's a bit hard to get my brain around it.  I only came to a glimpse of this Truth recently.  I spotted Ego, the storyteller in my head.  Ego spins nightmares and beautiful fantasies equally well.  I began to feel free when I told Ego to be quiet, and called it a liar.  My sacred self (connected with Source and with your sacred self) is where I go to find the Truth, now.  I still forget, but not as often.  This concept of attachment will take practice.  Thank you for this beautiful article.

You are already free and all that blocks your realization of that freedom is your own attachment to some thought of who you are. This thought doesn’t keep you from being the truth of who you are. You already are that. It separates you from the realization of who you are. - See more at:
You are already free and all that blocks your realization of that freedom is your own attachment to some thought of who you are. This thought doesn’t keep you from being the truth of who you are. You already are that. It separates you from the realization of who you are. - See more at: