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The Liminal Space, by Heather Platt

FaceBook  On Feb 17, 2020 Jayendra Shah wrote:
Thanks for sharing this post - providing a special name and context when we face such situation. We are tempted to get out of this space not knowing how to do that. Now we can remind us that we are in Liminal space and all we need to do is just hold the space.

Spiritual Materialism, by Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche

FaceBook  On Jan 16, 2020 Jayendra Shah wrote:
This is very true for most people. That is one of the reasons - many persons start this journey with all good intentions in a true way but when this path leads to name and fame, it is difficult to stick with the true path. It is similar to - ego of not having ego. What one needs is a true friend or companion who can question us about our true intentions.

I Have Decided to Stick With Love, by Martin Luther King Jr.

FaceBook  On Jan 4, 2016 Jay Shah wrote:

 True meaning of love is described here.  Many other positive attributes are great if come from love but if do not come from love - likely to come from ego or other motives and so are nothing compared to love itself.  Living as a source of love (being internally as love) and then doing all external tasks through this love seems to be a message from this.  Great explanation of love!! 


Humility Really Cannot be Considered a Virtue, by Swami Dayananda Saraswati

FaceBook  On Oct 6, 2015 Jay Shah wrote:

 It is really necessary to appreciate that humility is not a virtue because if it is considered a virtue then there is very likelihood of rising of ego to claim that virtue.  It is a matter of appreciating that this is just a right way of living life which by no means come naturally.