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Come Home to Love, by Rick Hanson

FaceBook  On Aug 30, 2014 p. murugan wrote:

Love is a natural force embedded within the hearts of all of us. It is just that over time we have smothered our love with all sorts of feelings such as hate and bitterness acquired through material pursuits. We must let go all these negative feelings that drains our energy. We must just give love to all living things without expecting love in return. Be not judgemental of the other persons perceived dislike of you. Given them love anyway.  You will always receive love and be happy all the time.


To Be Simply, Radically, Absolutely Still, by Gangaji

FaceBook  On May 26, 2013 P. Murugan wrote:

Our incessant desire to satisfy a need leads to our despair and unhappiness. It is okay to reach out for basic needs and perhaps a little bit more for comfort. But the problem is to define this little bit more ... what is its benchmark?. Often we set our needs very high driven by consumerism and materialism, and therein lies our despair and unhappiness. Similarly, in seeking God we want our needs to be fulfilled by God ...often we want God to do miracles for us. When something nice happens when we did not expect it, we say God did it for me. To me this short article is asking us to be still ... still in mind and spirit. Let us still our minds in seeking needs that we don't really need. Let us be still and enjoy the beauties of creation and thus realise the omnipresence of God.


Giving Within For-Give-Ness, by Michael Bernard Beckwith

FaceBook  On Apr 26, 2011 P. Murugan wrote:

Our selfish ego makes it hard to forgive. Our societal demands of being competitive and to aspire to be the best makes it even harder to forgive. Forgivesness is sometimes perceived to be demonstrating weakness and this is in direct contradiction of what society has branded us to be. However, I believe that the one who is willing to forgive both intentional and untentional hurt by another party is the one that displays inner strength and character. The forgiven is weakened with love, tolerance and acceptance. The forgiven will be forced onto a learning curve that would invariably lead to better future conduct ...this change might not occur immedaitely but it is certain to come given time. Forgiveness liberates the forgiver and to a lesser extent the forgiven. The forgiver feels less pain and does not waste time and energy in plotting the next move.