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Signals Even GPS Cannot Detect, by Aylie Baker

FaceBook  On Jan 18, 2019 Riesah Prock wrote:
Following the Kenow Fire event and evacuation here in SW Alberta (Sept. 11-12.17) I was finally able to walk from my home down the road in the direction of the fire (Waterton Lakes National Park). I was suddenly stopped by the incredible light surrounding a stand of trees which I'd passed many times in previous walks. The light was so golden and beautiful. Then I heard the trees speak to me of their grief in losing their brothers and sisters in the Park. I too had been grieving (the eventual loss was tallied at 70% of the trees in the Park). I responded with my tears and spoke of our shared grief with them, silently from my heart. I was fixed to the spot; my husband had gone on ahead, but stopped when he realized I was standing still by the road. I cannot pass that place without greeting the Standing Ones and stopping for a moment to honour them.

Perception Is A Mirror, by Edited by Frances Vaughan and Roger Walsh

FaceBook  On Jul 10, 2018 Carmela wrote:

I see my perceptions tied closely to my past experiences.  So I try to stay curious.  I constantly find myself asking what assumptions I carry with me and if they serve me well or hold me back. In doing so, I have found myself choosing to discard many old assumptions and taking only those with me that move me positively forward.


Dropping Out, Like The Buddha, by Jane Brunette

FaceBook  On May 1, 2018 vic smyth wrote:

 The only Way to save the world is from the inside out. Start by saving your self (for most of us that in itself is a life's time of work), then work your Way outwards toward your family, then your friends, relatives, neighbors, co-workers...


The Way of the Water, by Ursula LeGuin

FaceBook  On Apr 4, 2017 Nicole wrote:

 What I admire about water is its ability to always choose the path of least resistance and flow with it. 


Simplicity of the Heart, by J. Krishnamurti

FaceBook  On Sep 6, 2016 vic smyth wrote:

 I have learned to simply be myself and to let others be themselves.


Blessings for Earth-Healers, by Starhawk

FaceBook  On Jul 26, 2016 vic smyth wrote:

 I had to cut down two small trees on my property, but planted seven new ones in their place. Not only good for the environment, but good for my soul as well -- the joy I get watching them grow. 


The Delight in Exploring Inner Territory, by Vimala Thakar

FaceBook  On Feb 21, 2016 vic smyth wrote:

 Whenever I notice anger in myself or others, I simply remind myself, "Hey, what should I expect, we all evolved from chimpanzees." Then the anger magically fizzles out. Our egos are a part of us. Fighting it is futile. Rather make a truce with it to help forge a happier, workable coexistence. 


10 Principles of The Artist's Way, by Julia Cameron

FaceBook  On Dec 27, 2014 rdokoye wrote:

We're not all creators in this world, so I like to look at creativity as more of a skill set bestowed upon us, by a Higher Power, like my ability to navigate through complex computer issues, such as Shdoclc.dll problems, all of which fit into the same category.


All We Can Do Is Share Ourselves, by Panache Desai

FaceBook  On Aug 12, 2014 Anne wrote:

 Beautiful ❤️


Micro Moments of Love, by Barbara Frederickson

FaceBook  On Jun 17, 2013 Kahalewai wrote:

That was very nice, but only about human Love. The missing element is spiritual love, which is a much higher vibration when genuine and effortless, and also beyond the roller coaster ride of human emotions. I have experienced a different and higher level of Love in many ways and at many times that needs absolutely no confirmation, nor guarantees, promises or emotion. It is called ​pure Aloha in Hawaii, and has many names in many cultures. It is quite rare and ​precious for us all. Yet when you see it you can also know it, if your discernment abilities are intact. There is a genuine ​peace in a loving state of being in a spiritual since that is not material and within the human dimension. Human love depends on the other, and fluctuates, but spiritual love does not require validation nor reciprocity as it draws from the universal supply for its source. Thus it is truly unconditional and reflects the pure essence of the Universe. Ahhhhh .... Love it!   


He Who Accumulates Cannot Learn, by J. Krishnamurti

FaceBook  On Apr 2, 2013 Bronwyn wrote:

For me, this sums up the importance of being present. For when we are present, we are listening and learning, and not thinking ahead about our contribution


Fearlessness, by Thich Nhat Hanh

FaceBook  On Mar 22, 2013 Kerstin wrote:
The root of ALL fears is the fear to die. And for me, the only way to get loss of all fears is to accept death. Perhaps a long way and a long time to think of the meaning of live etc. but the only attitude of mind that gets you free from deep fears and lets you really enjoy live :-)

Using Attention in a New Way, by Gil Fronsdal

FaceBook  On Feb 1, 2013 Michael wrote:
 It's kinda funny to think of this as a 'New Way' with something that's been around for thousands of years; and it's still all good. Another interesting 'trick' is to ask your self "Who's having these thoughts?" This can lead us deeper and behind the surface distractions.

A Walk in the Rain, by Jeff Foster

FaceBook  On Jan 10, 2013 Shanti wrote:
Hi Sandra, Thierry, my heart thrills to hear you both mention "the many" whose experience echoes Jeff's. I am the publisher of a new online subscription magazine entitled ONE. The heart and core of the magazine is the sharing of personal accounts of awakening to non-dual realization from people from all over the globe. Each issue also features one teacher of non-dualism, and Jeff will be featured in the next issue of ONE. Check it out when you have a chance: And if you, yourself, or others you know might want to share their awakening stories, please contact me through the magazine!

Shanti Einolander

Law of Least Effort, by Deepak Chopra

FaceBook  On Jan 6, 2010 Reef wrote:

Nothing is ever what it seems