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Where Skillfullness and Clarity Meet, by J. Krishnamurti

FaceBook  On Mar 2, 2010 Lucia wrote:

My understanding is that J.K. asks that we look at the light and the shadows, the good and the bad, without distortion, without fixing it according to our desire, our need. To do our inner work before engaging with the outside is primordial. Thank you for this gem.


Plan of Life, by Nicole Grasset

FaceBook  On Sep 15, 2009 Lucia Gallardo wrote:

The indigenous peoples have always lived this way, i.e. without a plan, depending on each other, caring for one another, living in community. And through the ages, to the present even, the western cultures impose their values telling the indigenous that they are wrong, that they need to get with the times, that they need to acculturate, to become more westernized. All this without giving value to the wealth the indigenous have in their communities, to what they have held for us, to the example they set for the rest of humanity. Thank you, Niphun for keeping this inspiration alive for us through these Wednesday circles of Truth. We live in Vilcabamba, Ecuador, and there is a subtle violence that feels like a clash of three cultures, of different sets of values: the original peoples (indigenous), the mestizo, and the new western arrivals from all over the world. I hope we can get to at least hold hands together on even ground.