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Cultivating An Eagle Mind, by Matthieu Ricard

FaceBook  On Dec 1, 2009 IA wrote:

Vision is indestructable, even after Death it thrives. It's transferable from one person to the other. 

"Where  there is no vision the people perish". The day you conceptualised a vision, that is this the day the world will start conspiring to make it happen.

Good vision is worth cherishing and protecting with ones life; if we indeed have a strong conviction of it.

Vision help to shapen our direction in life. Let have a good vision and nurture it to bless the world.





Cultivating An Eagle Mind, by Matthieu Ricard

FaceBook  On Nov 24, 2009 Ijiekhuamhen A. Au wrote:

When one possess any negative emotion, it leads to more of negative emotion.

You have no problem until you give up your joy.

Controlling emotions requires no effort but conscious decision to be that you wants to be.


The Problem of Time, by Jacob Needleman

FaceBook  On Nov 10, 2009 Ijiekhuamhen wrote:

As the water reflects you face. So your mind dictate your world. Your mind is your life and Real self.  The wise Solomon said keep it diligently.