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From Peace: 12 Reflections On The Path, by Peace Pilgrim

FaceBook  On Sep 16, 2008 Ramanand Kowta wrote:
Great ! Cultural ' discipline' very often inhibits the innocent, unabashed expression of 'LOVE' -which then turns sour and becomes ' HATE ' ! And then we struggle yo undo this later. So GIVE and RECIEVE is the law of Nature that lets LIFE happen. So, JUST GIVE IT - a la NIKE's ' JUST DO IT !

The Art of Staying in Balance, by Osho

FaceBook  On Aug 23, 2008 Ramanand kowta wrote:
NAMASTE is not e mere welcome gesture but a Balance 'tween the Opposites.

The Theory Behind Forgiveness, by Ken Wilber

FaceBook  On Aug 12, 2008 Ramanand kowta wrote:
Forget - you can't BUT Forgive you must ! Must begin somewhere !

Meaning: Where Monk and Child Meet, by David Steindl-Rast

FaceBook  On Oct 16, 2007 Ramanand Kowta wrote:
A child is seed- programmed to bloom into a specific flower, fruit and seed and so on... It is not an empty bucket- to be filled up by the parents, teachers... It is also not a lump of clay, to be shaped by the potter(society) and then baked into a hard, inflexible, fragile, brittle piece !

The Soul of Money, by Lynne Twist

FaceBook  On May 15, 2007 Ramanand Kowta wrote:
It's no coincidence that money is also called ' CURRENCY ' !- It has to be flowing, changing hands and not STATIC- in banks and vaults of the rich minority( 20%) who own 80 % of the cash ! If they gave away 'even a drop' it would make 'an ocean'of a difference to the large, toiling masses! The 'green plant' alone 'produces' FOOD for all life forms- while the 'industrial plant'can only 'transform'this FOOD- the basis of all economic and livelihood activities- and money is the only means\currency to procure FOOD first and then the other basic necessities!