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Time Confetti And The Broken Promise Of Leisure, by Ashley Whillans

FaceBook  On Jan 2, 2021 George Blakey wrote:
I had decided to read this piece while eating my lunch today but when I came to the line about spending "more time choosing our meals than savoring them" I suddenly realized by trying to multi-task I actually was not paying full attention to savoring my meal so I decided to stop reading and just enjoy my food without distraction, and return to reading after I was done. This is not exactly the same situation as the article describes but it was about focusing on one thing at a time, being fully present with it, and not allowing something else we might also like to do distract us from the present activity.

I Have No Need For An Enemy, by Troy Chapman

FaceBook  On Mar 10, 2020 George Blakey wrote:
Thank-you for writing your story of how the teaching in this article was reflected in your own experience. I have always been amazed and impressed with the ability of some people to forgive those who have killed their relative; even befriending them on occasion. It seems like it would take a huge shift away from the teachings of our culture that basically insist that we consider others as separate and needing to be judged for their activities or statements. It is inspirational to hear how someone has moved so far in their thinking as to truly live as a believer in the ones of all people. I feel like a novice on this journey.

Kindness Includes Everything, by George Saunders

FaceBook  On Dec 31, 2014 George wrote:

 Thank-you for the quote; I had heard it a long time ago and forgotten it. It is a great piece of guidance for us to live by. Blessings to you.


Our Environment Is An Integrated Whole, by Ganoba

FaceBook  On Dec 16, 2014 George Blakey wrote:

 Thank you for your comments. I agree completely, and I appreciate your reference to Deepak Chopra's words.


Be Love Now, by Ram Dass

FaceBook  On Aug 6, 2013 George wrote:

 A few months ago I experienced the deepest feeling of love I can remember ever feeling during an early morning dream. It was blissful, and fortunately lingered for several hours after I awoke. Was it Unconditional Love, or the Love that we experience in the Spirit plane? I can not say, but it felt as good as any Love I could hope for. 

I have just heard the best description of this Pure Love of the Spirit world in an audio book by Anita Moorjani, "Dying to be Me." It descbes her near-death experience and her miraculous return to health. From what I have understood from her experience is that we, and Everything else, are all One- Love in the plane (or plain) that is not the physical one, but we incarnate to experience that which can not be experienced "out of body."  So while on this Earth we feel the gamut of emotions, from fear and hate to love and bliss, which is the purpose for our incarnation, yet, as we can not remember who we "really" are, we are often searching for the way to get back to Unconditional Love.