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When You Don't Choose Love You Choose Fear, by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross & David Kessler

FaceBook  On Jan 25, 2010 Gloria Ives wrote:

 I believe Elizabeth Kubler Ross's words are so powerful her life experiences are valuable tools we've gotten the benefit to learn from. this Love/fear concept is so true. It takes some undoing, of past lessons. How do we then, when we learn to respond from love, when what we realize, is that all we've known is fear-based responses? In the past, I've prayed for the holy spirit to guide my words, yet, I still succumb to self doubt. I guess, If I fully trust in the holy spirit to guide and direct my words, then my words are his not mine, and I shouldn't doubt the words that are spirit led.....

Any response would be gratefuly recieved ;)


If You Really Pay Attention, by Paula Underwood

FaceBook  On Sep 23, 2009 Gloria wrote:

 I collect a lot of quotations. Quotations of those I know, and those I don't. Quotations of the famous,and the every day, words of the old and the young. In fact, it's almost never the "who" of the quote and always the "what" but it's never just the what, it's the "spirit in which" and the "spirit whom" 

Paula, I am moved and Humbled, and feel like you've given me,As Shel Silverstein has written, "The Missing Piece". 

When you Feel the spirit in which some one is speaking, you feel so much more, It's true. Some times you feel the outward emotion, which might be anger, or jealousy, resentment or hatred, but when you keep listening, with your heart, which is your true ear, you'll hear how that Spirit really feels, You may even feel the "why" of  "what his spirit is saying. 

It does take practice, a lifetime, but the reward is that, we continue becoming better, and the other shares in the reward.


Thank you Paula, and all of those who commented: Your Eloquence is humbling,and you've given me compounding opportunities to "listen with my heart",