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The Question of Being, by Adyashanti

FaceBook  On Apr 23, 2014 gayathri wrote:

 simply ahaa moment!


The Great Tragedy of Speed, by David Whyte

FaceBook  On Apr 22, 2013 gayathri wrote:

 much gratitude to awakin for initiating these conversations/dialogue with oneself..

very full of truth reflections! how lucidly he describes our existential state of affairs...... love it.  
consciously or unconsciously....have never really befriended 'speed'.  to believe we have time -
this question brings up this thought that 'the hour belongs to everybody'.....and how do i get myself to
believe that the hour belongs to me....maybe by thinking that in the same given time....a flower could
blossom, a seed could be sprouting, a river is flowing toward the ocean....all with such gentleness and
constantness.  maybe a combination of nidhaana (slow) and constantness could be a beautiful substitute
for  speed.
personal experience: for me when i am using the precious resources of this earth...speed seems to slow down
...washing dishes slowly - this especially gives me a vicarious experience of having fetched the water
from a great distance,
cutting vegetables....this brings up an image of a cook (helper) in a wedding
hall in india, grating the coconuts with a traditional unmechanized as if he were in his own
personal kitchen....with no sense of hurriedness...
and today in the morn while i was giving bath to my 4 yr old to get her ready to school...suddenly i saw her
frowning and asked her why...she said that i was giving her bath too that was an instant reminder for
me...that there is time
also feel that:
when speed is in the very nature of that being...then i guess speed is apt.  the speed
of light, the flapping of a humming bird's wings....and so on; also speed is desired for when it should be
in the nature of that being...especially...speedy justice!


He Who Accumulates Cannot Learn, by J. Krishnamurti

FaceBook  On Apr 2, 2013 gayathri wrote:

 per my understanding...first comes experience then learning happens (conditions apply..:)) and then knowledge takes birth.  i am unable to understand Jiddu's view when he says - he who accumulates cannot learn.  i believe that one can accumulate 'information' but not 'knowledge'.  knowledge is something like the elements - air, water, light....none can accumulate these elements.  because knowledge is something that happens through experience and learning is something personal and of course it gets impersonalized the moment it is put into some form....say a writing, theory, book this becomes information which then could be accumulated sans the joy!


The Call, by Oriah Mountain Dreamer

FaceBook  On Nov 19, 2012 gayathri wrote:
 God-mad...... Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa is evoked in my thoughts as i try to understand the depth of God-mad.  being god-mad is actually a source of sanity and sanctity.  without the appreciation for all of this creation, without the gratefulness for the beauty of each one of our stories that is woven timelessly, tirelessly...soo creatively through times is actually insane and ugly. 
maybe the play of imagery or matrix tricks...the word 'surrender'...seems to me somewhat authoritative and commanding....however i do often find myself contemplating that...i don't want to be forgiven for my bad karmas....that i be given the strength to shoulder it, understand it  and learn from it and grow spiritually....

Planetary Birth, by Barbara Marx Hubbard

FaceBook  On Nov 10, 2012 gayathri wrote:
 oops..misunderstood the term "memetic code"....yesss...we definitely need to be revamped on our coding....:)  we are the ones in urgent need to be GMO-ed not the rest of the species....

A Servant Leader, by Vinoba Bhave

FaceBook  On Oct 29, 2012 gayathri wrote:
 Throughout the passage, it is interesting to note that ... vinobhaji has not put the words Servant and Leader together.  He refers to servants a sense emphasizing his words in the first para....'To progress, society doesn't need 'leaders' anymore'.  Drawing an extension from the same and trying to contemplate on what a "servant leader" could mean.....
i feel that a "servant leader" is born or arises every time there is a deep crisis or a concern to be addressed.  They arise for the sake of the situation/crisis/concern itself....not necessarily to serve the people that are/could be incidental or critical part of the crisis/concern.  i feel this way for 2 reasons: the thought that "i am serving the people/others" could itself (maybe) the (i-centric) ego nudging and the other reason being that to focus on crisis  itself intently this way could make way for the beauty of objectivity to lead with probably no biases.   Such "servant leader" maybe the one that rushes forward to embrace, understand and gently hold the crisis in her/his palms and offer it for everybody to see it and then inspire/guide them to choose their own role in tandem with their offering capacities and limitations....

How Randomness Rules Our Lives, by Leonard Mlodinow

FaceBook  On Dec 31, 2011 gayathri wrote:

 randomness.....maybe universe's spontaneity or fruits of karma; working your will......could be the power of intention and Action to break through the vicious cycle of karmic influences and to effect a positive change in the course of universe's spontaneous responses...:))in theory yes it all sounds do i find a balance between accepting randomness and working my will.....

randomness as random and dismissive as it sounds.....i have come to realize that it is not has had profound influences and cast indelible memories in the path of my existence.  how do i make use of this so-called random experiences that life is sooo masterful at throwing....i really and seriously wish to make use of these experiences...if make positive out of it and something that would help me to look at the experience more objectively....

now here is where my will could come to help me hold on to my objectivitiy and push for positivity out of the negativity....but gosh is that difficult or what.......

Positively thoughtful New year to you all


A Blessing for One Who is Exhausted, by John O'Donohue

FaceBook  On Aug 3, 2011 gayathri wrote:

 pancho...loved the perspective and new deeper meaning to MIL - Mother-in-love and FIL-Father-in-love....that is sooo beautiful...


A Blessing for One Who is Exhausted, by John O'Donohue

FaceBook  On Jul 23, 2011 gayathri wrote:

 Thank you much for all the Daily Virtual Blessings..:))

liked the poetic flow and putting into words the feelings of depression and sadness....even the negativities feels enjoyable if poetic...

but excuse me for picking up on this - "stay clear of those vexed in spirit. Learn to linger around someone of ease".  just thinking what incentive would the other person/someone of ease have to be around me that is vexed in spirit.....or in other words if someone of ease thinks that they should, 'stay clear of those vexed in spirit' then....

keep the beautiful thoughts flowing Dailyyy...

thank you,



Giving Within For-Give-Ness, by Michael Bernard Beckwith

FaceBook  On Apr 29, 2011 gayathri wrote:

Thank you much Edit Lak for taking the time to write and i appreciate the explanations...

Love the audios....very gets better every time Wednesday!!


Giving Within For-Give-Ness, by Michael Bernard Beckwith

FaceBook  On Apr 28, 2011 gayathri wrote:

Forgive??? this is one word i am soo confused about.  So if one forgives, does it mean that you forget also.  even if i am able to forgive i find myself unable to forget (i find the thoughts hounding me).....i do reciprocate with positive/affirmative actions but forgetting is soo tough.  i  wonder WHY.  i understand that to also forget should be implicit for complete forgiveness to happen.  yet, i struggle with forgiving fully....

not all deeds can be forgiven...??

forgive once fine..... does one forgive again and again for similar kind of deeds??

much thanks,




Along the Thread of our Inner Sincerity, by Adyashanti

FaceBook  On Oct 2, 2010 gayathri wrote:

two thoughts that came in relation to sincerity - one is a sanskrit verse and the other is a story of a bhakti movement saint, Kanakadas.  the famous sanskrit verse - "kaayena vaacha manasa indriyairva buddhyaatmana prakruthi svabhaavaath karomi yad yad sakalam parasmai naarayanyethi samarpayaami".....translated - with the body, speech, mind, senses, intellect, by nature or habit, all actions that i perform, i offer it to lord Narayana.  this might not be the exact exact translation but quite close to it....however this signifies to me the most challenging standard for "sincerity/authenticity". 

the story - kanakadas was once given a banana and asked to eat the banana where no one could see him eating the banana.  he came back without eating the banana where as everyone else that was given a banana to eat without anybody seeing them had finished theirs.  kanakadas said that he could find no place to eat where he could he could not be seen by the omnipresent GOD.  this "Practising the Presence of God" is another aspect of sincerity that i found to be interesting and profound...

Thank you for making this space available virtually tooo....



Daily Life of Art, by Nina Wise

FaceBook  On Apr 23, 2010 gayathri wrote:

soo missed telling that, loved the 'internal smile' practice that CF Dad mentioned about.  thank you much for sharing that lovely thought and practice......