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Signals Even GPS Cannot Detect, by Aylie Baker

FaceBook  On Jan 15, 2019 Erica wrote:
I just turn it off and get on with my day.
i look for balance in using/not using the cell phone and computer.
now that we have the technology why not use it to our best advantages?


Practice Without Integration is a Waste, by Krishna Das

FaceBook  On Mar 25, 2014 Erica Eden wrote:

 Most nights I sit in bed and meditate for up to 45 minutes. I see the thoughts fade to the background of consciousness. Then I drift off somewhere for the sit's duration. Some nights, too tired to sit up I prop pillows to elevate my head, start the chime, and begin to meditate, and eventually drift into a calm deep sleep. I trust that the beginning chime and the ending chime marking the usual period of time I sit, have become a signal, even though I am sleeping for the last chime, that I have integrated whatever is necessary to continue the process. No forcing, just allowing what is needed to move forward. Gentle, sweet. Grateful for the Dharma.


What You See Is What You Get, by Annie Dillard

FaceBook  On Feb 4, 2014 Erica wrote:
 Yes, during meditation times.