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The Positivity Ratio, by Barbara Fredrickson

FaceBook  On Jul 7, 2020 Emilia wrote:
Actually very negative experiences are often also registered in great detail. Even the moments just before. There have also been studies that showed that happier people are less vigilant/ critical than people having 'a bad day', which results in lower scores on things such as problem solving. Seems like a fair trade-off.
I do think that if you don't experience negative emotions you are skipping out on the experience of being alive, of having a finite body, of loosing loved ones. Grief is the counterbalance to love in a way.

Keeping The Smoke Hole Open, by Martin Shaw

FaceBook  On Apr 1, 2020 Emilia wrote:
Thank you very much for this Martin Shaw. Your invitation warms my heart. These times pull me deep into the lap of ancient myth and story. The mind-boggling shared collective experience contrasted against our very own individual is absolutely asking to 'grow corn on my tongue' (I love this image! Thank you!). Leaving small prayers by the base of the old oak. Whispering love poems to our growing moon while wiping tears of grief for those that cannot breathe. Celebrating every blossom that opens, every broken eggshell on the forest ground. I have the space and need to revisit last nights dreams, weaving my own tapestry of symbols and meanings (and oh what a delight!). So despite all the dizzying uncertainty, smoke hole open, and poking through to the other side. And wowowowowow the stars shine bright!Because when sense fails the resonating of our imaginations can indeed help keep us sane.