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Do You Remember Your Song?, by Alan Cohen

FaceBook  On Dec 2, 2019 Deepak wrote:
Reading this story , reminded me of the ever present story within me ' Who Am I ? Where did I come
from ? and where do I go after this birth ? and lastly What is the purpose of my life in this birth ? The
search for the answers to the above questions still continues and I am not too sure when will I get the
answers , where in this birth or not . However the search contiues

The Poisoned Tree, by Jack Kornfield

FaceBook  On May 2, 2019 Deepak wrote:
There are times in one's life , to become aware of this poison and reflect for it is a wake up call for bringing about a transformation about the self . That is my own experience in life and it led to believing in my own self and bringing about the necessary changes in my own life . In my own context I am grateful to that wake up call till today .

The Poisoned Tree, by Jack Kornfield

FaceBook  On May 2, 2019 Deepak wrote:
Thank you for sharing . Your experience with your father was your motivatation and stepping stone to your success and your grand parents were your guardian angels .

What I Learned From Trees, by Herman Hesse

FaceBook  On Feb 12, 2019 Sethi wrote:
When I listen to trees , the message comes across of about the sacrifices they have made not only for humans , but for all living beings . They also convey the cruelty they have to suffer at times , for the trees that bears the sweetest fruits are the targets of maximum stones by humans . As a little child while staying with my grandparents , the date palm trees were a significant landmark to my grand parents home and as a child when I saw those trees , I understood that I was homeward bound and there would be joy within me .

The Question Of Being, by Adyashanti

FaceBook  On Sep 11, 2018 Deepak Sethi wrote:

 Being reflects who you are from the soul within you . It is an inner expression of who you actually are . If one does not does not express from the level of being , then the ego comes in between and one only expressses oneself at the surface level and not from the level of being .it takes considerable amount of courage and express oneself at the being level .


Bedrock On Which We All Stand, by J. Krishnamurti

FaceBook  On Aug 28, 2018 Deepak wrote:

 In the aloneness and silence and erasing the ego completely and going deep within to my inner being I am able to be at peace within  myself and accept who I am . It is then I understand  that I am whole ..


Action Without Desire Of Outcomes, by Vinoba Bhave

FaceBook  On Jun 26, 2018 Deepak wrote:

 Expectations from our actions in all areas of our lives always results in failure . One performs the action required and moves on .


Death Connects Us To Life, by Somik Raha

FaceBook  On May 15, 2018 Deepak wrote:

 My mother is suffering from dementia and she is at the last stage of the didease . She cannot recognize anyone even her own children and is totally bedridden . The doctors have given up . She is totally silent , however her eyes reflect her pain ans suffering she is going through . There is total acxceptance of her condition and a silent prayer to  God to ease her suffering by letting her move on to the next phase of her journey . . The emptyness within is there , however would like she passes away peacefully with her suffering cut short .


What Breaks Your Heart?, by Maria Shriver

FaceBook  On Feb 7, 2018 Deepak wrote:

 My heart has been broken before for the people I loved moved away and am alone today . However over the years , the healing has taken place within and have moved on . However in today's world , the heart has been broken because of the intolerance , basic lack of humanity from one being to another and hatred which seems to be growing without no end in sight . However at the same time , the heart also seems to say , ok if all these negative  vibes abounds in today's world.  be unstoppable and take action and that is my intention .


Where We Are Is Our Temple, by Jack Kornfield

FaceBook  On Dec 26, 2017 Deepak wrote:

 Beautiful . Practise spirituality in the Here and Now . Be true to yourself .


Small Graces, by Kent Neburn

FaceBook  On Dec 5, 2017 Deepak wrote:

 Small graces means to do mundane things in life , like picking up trash from the foot path and throwing it in the garbage bin , hearing the birds singing as I go for my morning walk in the early hours of the dawn and connect with my inner self . Small graces mean visiting my ex wife's mother who was sick in the hospital as I wanted to connect with her and find out how she was . Small graces means being and doing things for others however trival it may be which would bring a smile on their faces and would make me happy .


The Messiah Is One Of Us , by Megan McKenna

FaceBook  On Nov 28, 2017 Deepak wrote:

 Beautiful story . There is God in each one of us and it is for each one of us to be aware that God is within us all the time .


Planting Twin Trees, by Robin Wall Kimmerer

FaceBook  On Oct 17, 2017 Deepak wrote:

 Inspirational . For me , it is seeing my great great grand father whom I had the privilege of seeing as a child . When the British ruled India , he was in the police force and he was promoted to become an Inspector in the police one of they few Indians who rose to that rank during British rule . As a child he not only took interest in my education but also taught me the meaning of integrity , compassion , empathy and love , the values which i imbibed from him as a child . today it has been my endeavor to carry forward my great great father's legacy by setting an example of my own life spreading the values which I learnt from him . there is a considerable gratitude for him for inculcating the vales I imbibed from him .  


The Grandest Vision For Humanity, by Riva Melissa Taz

FaceBook  On Jul 24, 2017 Deepak wrote:

 Who am I in this vast unfathomable universe , the extent of which humans have to yet to completely discover . A tiny insignificant dot , It boggles the mind . And yet man's ego is so big that he still tries to discover the source of life and play God by trying to be immortal . It is a humbling experience to dream about the universe and it's origins .


Moved by Love, by Sri M

FaceBook  On Mar 6, 2017 Deepak wrote:

 Have had my own roller coasters in life , however there is no malice , hatred or bitterness towards none , only acceptance . Moved on and this experience made me compassionate human being .


Medicine for the Earth, by Sandra Ingerman

FaceBook  On Jan 3, 2017 Deepak wrote:

 Thank you so much . So very true . What we see outside of us manifests only when the change within us takes place . This is a universal law and have experienced it in my own life . We are the creators .


The Act of Giving is the True Gift, by Author Unknown

FaceBook  On Feb 23, 2015 Sethi wrote:

 Thank you for this wonderful narrative from the epic Mahabharat , ancient Indian wisdom that has withstood the test of time . For me Giving represents just give , without any agenda of my own , from the bottom of my heart and then moving on . That is it .


Not Resisting Resistance, by Peter Russell

FaceBook  On Dec 30, 2014 Deepak wrote:

 Thank you . Not resisting resistance for me acceptance of that moment knowing that this moment too shall pass . Change is the law of the Universe .


Come Home to Love, by Rick Hanson

FaceBook  On Dec 8, 2014 Deepak wrote:

 Love at home  begins for me from the inner core of my being . That space , the silence which I connect to everyday after waking up and learn to be with myself . that is home , that is where love is for me , a candle ever burning brightly at home .  .Loving myself and from here this love flows outwards to others who I connect in my life . A deep feeling of  love and compassion as I move on in life .


Don't Go Back to Sleep, by Elizabeth Lesser

FaceBook  On Oct 27, 2014 Deepak wrote:

 Thank you . For me to stay awake and being broken open has been an emotional roller coaster ride which is still an on gong process . After my divorce and it's aftermath , it has been an experience where I learnt my lessons and gradually shifted my focus from the outer world to the inner world inside .  Even after doing that , there have been occasions when I have slipped up in this journey , fallen down , hurt myself , got up and started walking on my journey again . i am awake and present on the path I am walking .


All We Can Do Is Share Ourselves, by Panache Desai

FaceBook  On Aug 12, 2014 Deepak wrote:

 Sharing myself for me means that I share my inner most thoughts coming from the core of my being , they may be of my happiness , my joys or even my fears , of all the experiences I have gone through my life .  while sharing am at at peace with myself and also am constantly aware while sharing of my ego .  There were moments in my past , when the fear was too great , for me to share my experiences or my life , however as having been walking my path ,  experiencing the roller coasters in my life , learning my lessons , this fear has gradually become smaller and smaller , till it has ceased to exist and have moved on . Today I can share fearlessly and peacefully  without any inhibitions .


Do You Have Time To Love?, by Thich Nhat Hanh

FaceBook  On Feb 9, 2013 Sethi wrote:
 Thank you . . so much wisdom in the sharing .

Beyond the Conflict of Inner Forces, by Cherokee Story

FaceBook  On Feb 4, 2013 Sethi wrote:
 Thank you for sharing . As a child I used to listen to stories and also read stories  of good triumphs over evil , be it in the Ramayana , Mahabharta and that got deeply ingrained in my DNA .   In my own life I have  experienced the same , When I have encouraged the negative part of me , that part got the upper hand and in the process my negativity became visible in terms of anger , jealousy , ego , etc . I had an emotional roller coaster ride and in the process my marriage broke up . However that was in the past which I have put behind . Thereafter the transformation gradually happened as I listened to the voice within and I uncovered the veil within  which covered the spiritual part of me . I encouraged the positive within me and love , trust  peace , understanding , humility , gratitude have been the dominant emotions of my life . This has also helped me to heal my relationships with whoever I have hurt in my life and healed the relationships starting with my wife .  It has been a wonderful experience walking my own path in life .

A Servant Leader, by Vinoba Bhave

FaceBook  On Dec 22, 2012 deepak wrote:
 The writings of Vinoba Bhave about leaders truly humbled me as the leaders of today especially in the India , think about their needs and not of the common man who has contributed so much for his making of  a leader . The leaders of Gandhi's generation now seem so distant , as if they belong to another age which will never come back . Time marches on .

A Servant Leader, by Vinoba Bhave

FaceBook  On Oct 30, 2012 Deepak wrote:
 To read , Vinobaji 's writing  one is  reminded of the Bhagvad Gita , which lays so much importance on identifying of one's ego and walking through it . The Gita also  lays a great deal of importance of selfless service to humanity without any expectations of being rewarded in return for the service provided . That is the true concept of " Servant Leader " . Vinobaji has beautifully described ,  " But on a moonless night the true servants shine forth as though they are connected invisibly in this vast and infinite cosmos ."  In today's world how many such servant leaders are there ???? Let each one of us reflect within silently and listen to that answer that comes forth .

Make Your Life Into a Giving, by Jaggi Vasudeva

FaceBook  On Sep 26, 2012 Sethi wrote:
 That was beautiful sharing . when the giving as a way of being , for me there is an an expansion of being and one just gives without thinking , whereas giving as an action , it would be the mind thinking whether to give or not to give and then the action takes place . Giving without ego  is one of the highest form of emotions one can have in one's life .

A Spiritual Conspiracy, by Author Unknown

FaceBook  On Aug 2, 2012 Deepak wrote:
 Thank you ,  Am there and taking it forward

A Whole New Dimension Of Love, by Tenzin Palmo

FaceBook  On Jun 12, 2012 sethi wrote:
 Holding lightly for me means loosening up and letting go . In my own life in the last five years , have loosened up by being away from my family and living alone . In the past there was a fear of being alone , however today that fear is not there , have walked through that fear and am peace with it and accept it .

Recognizing the Real Fear, by Erich Fromm

FaceBook  On Mar 5, 2011 sethi wrote:

Faith is a bird that sings

when the dawn is still dark .

By: Rabindranth Tagore .

Yes faith is to trust oneself and create within oneself  the emotion which ultimately manifests on the outside . Thank you for the beautiful article .


The Greatest Danger Before You, by Granny D

FaceBook  On Jun 18, 2010 Deepak wrote:

Thank you for sharing . Made me reflect about life .


What You Have Given Your Mind to Do, by Michael Singer

FaceBook  On Aug 5, 2009 Sethi wrote:

Thank you for the powerful sharing . Something for me to quietly reflect upon , implement in my life and move on .


Like The Sun Shining, by Tenzin Palmo

FaceBook  On Jul 28, 2009 sethi wrote:

Thks for  a great post . Lots of learning . I had always been possessive of my wife , however having been seperated from her for the past  years , Iam gradually learning the meaning of letting go .

As the old saying goes , when you set a bird free , if it comes back , it is yours , otherwise it never was .


There Is Just One Thing To Do, by Byron Katie

FaceBook  On Mar 31, 2009 sethi wrote:

Wise words. Listening to the inner voice helps me to avoid grief in my life. Thank you for sharing


Love Your Path, by Paolo Coelho

FaceBook  On Mar 30, 2009 sethi wrote:

Thanks a million! Just a gentle reminder to evaluate my own journey of life .


From Peace: 12 Reflections On The Path, by Peace Pilgrim

FaceBook  On Sep 16, 2008 Sethi wrote:
Touched , moved and inspired. Thank you very much.

Triformational Matrix, by Yasuhiko Kimura

FaceBook  On Jul 12, 2008 deepak sethi wrote:
I have read a book called " Trust your vibes" by Sonia Chorquette on intution and it is amazing. Your vibes or sixth sense fore warns you what is about to take place in reality. The crux of the matter is to listen to your vibes.

Nine Wisdom Steps From Spiritual Traditions, by Sage Bennet

FaceBook  On May 7, 2008 deepak wrote:
Very important steps first connecting with your inner self and then connecting with the world outside. Thank you, especially for the audio.