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The Call, by Oriah Mountain Dreamer

FaceBook  On Nov 20, 2012 Laurel wrote:
 My word is "stay".  Just "stay".   That's all we have to do to be happy.  I surrender every day when I feel my thoughts, my irritation, my blame coming forth....I notice the pain of it and in this...I begin my surrender.  It's a circle we repeat over and over....lost in thoughts, pain, realization, surrender, happiness. 

Gaining Mental Power, by Swami Sivananda

FaceBook  On Oct 16, 2012 Laurel wrote:
I first appreciate the blessing given to me that my conciousness was able to notice the thought in the first place.  Then, I begin searching as to why I might have that thought, usually the answer is always "fear".  Then, I try to find something good about having that thought (i.e. I was able to notice it, appreciate it, and realize it for what it was...unfounded)  I do not judge myself for having the thought.  Then I move my attention to something I am enjoying at this very moment...which is usually nature, a scent, a sound, or a sensation.  Its worked miracles for me.  And there are always deep breaths in between these stay present.