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Integrity Grows From A Humbling Realization, by Mark Gerzon

FaceBook  On Sep 9, 2006 David Otim wrote:
Mark was on spot. In Uganda where I hail from, a friend one day remarked; "Integrity is like virginity, you lose it once..." If you must preserve anything about you, then preserve your integrity! For me integrity is equivalent to your actions in private not contradicting with your personality in public. Thanks.

Serving Like The Mountain Stream, by Allan Watts

FaceBook  On Sep 9, 2006 David Otim wrote:
Hi Alan, That was beautiful! A river that forgets its source will soon dry up. Just as the kind stream has a greater and kinder source-the mountain and its catchment area, I think that we should also realise our unfailing source of kindness to remain always kind. For me its is the Almighty God.