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The Gift Of Threshold Moments, by Sam Keen

FaceBook  On Dec 19, 2017 Donna Kuck wrote:

 When I was a very small child, we lived in a lonely part of New Mexico next to U.S. 40 and the railroad. The fading echo of the train whistle at night would bring me to a threshold of wonder, anticipation . . . looking up at the night sky filled with innumerable stars on a clear night. I had no doubt that the universe was vast and unknowable. I felt simultaneously very small and yet very much a part of the vastness.


Is There Righteous Anger Ever?, by J. Krishnamurti

FaceBook  On May 29, 2017 Donna Kuck wrote:

 Speaking from the biology of the human body, anger is an emotion. It is a natural emotion and can be extremely useful because it can energize the body, preparing it for some great effort such as fight, flight, standing up to a bully or cleaning the kitchen.  But the damage is done when we do not allow this natural energy to express through bodily action. Instead we suppress it or make up damaging stories about what it "means" to be angry.  It takes equal energy to suppress anger.  We sometimes show this by freezing, having tight muscles, being stiff and unyielding in our movements. This is much harder on the body than shaking off the anger, stomping our feet or taking a brisk walk or sweeping the sidewalk with great vigor.  Think - "what you resist persists."  We resist anger because we are told that it is bad to be angry. We would be much better served to acknowledge the anger and use it as a gift of energy that we can then direct in some useful manner.