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Love without Conditions, by Paul Ferrini

FaceBook  On Sep 28, 2011 deepak wrote:

all is well when ''I'' IS NOT THERE.

all unwanted, illadvised things start when ''I'' come in between, the loved ones.

spontanuity also lost . so learn to live without past.

J. Krishnamurthy 's  '' FREEDOM FROM THE KNOWN'' is the key to love without conditions. and

this is possible when the ''I'' IS VERY WEEK.


You Are Not a Prisoner, by Andrew Cohen

FaceBook  On Aug 21, 2011 deepak wrote:

intellectual games is not meditation.

getting rid of the known is freedom. habits embedded into beings are not trown out by imagination. we are slaves of our body sensations. if you meditate by making the alamban of your body sensations . the observation of their impermanence. impermanent nature of all sensations on body. the contineous changing nature. is really breakng the walls of your prison.

reactions to these body sensations is the bondage. get rid by just observation. do nothing. not to do any thing is the most difficult thing inthe world. just observe the body sensations, deeper and deeper. and dont react


You Carry Your Wound, by Osho

FaceBook  On Nov 30, 2010 deepak wrote:

i needed these words today the most.

i had been wounded some time back . was carrying it for some time.

now it is healed. and i know for sure not to get wounded again.