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I Have No Need For An Enemy, by Troy Chapman

FaceBook  On Mar 16, 2020 Dhivyasree wrote:
Love this!

The New And Ancient Story Of Interbeing, by Charles Eisenstein

FaceBook  On Dec 4, 2018 Dhivyasree wrote:

 Yes, there was once a time we - a group of 30+ strangers who became a family, in sharing each one's life story, playing together while doing so or in more ways learning together, from each other; went to new strangers house in villages we were meant to serve, learned from them and served in little ways while being with them and learning more. We laughed, danced, shared things foods blessings for each other. On the final day on the final hours we were taken to a river as a surprise. It had a temple, each were on different spots around, while I was looking at a space where I could feel a lot of wind. After climbing there, I saw each one of them, some plying in the sand, some dydreming at the sky while hving their feel on water, some still chatting like evertime done.. All the feelings about each human, all the memories attached flashed. It was unbelievable that we were met only 9 days earlier. None of it was something I ever imagined, nor something I'd forget. Then the wind blowed, I smiled, realized, Life is not a check-list, but a gift box, when we dare to open each day, it is.