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Who Me, Stealing?, by Constance Habash

FaceBook  On Jul 26, 2021 deepti mirani wrote:
my take away - if I take/use more than I need, it's stealing coz I am not letting others use it.

Mistakes: Results That Show The Truth Of Things, by Chris Lombard

FaceBook  On Aug 3, 2020 deepti mirani wrote:
I loved the lines - "Giant leaps cannot be taken all the time. True love and courage can sometimes mean taking a step back."

The River Cannot Go Back, by Kahlil Gibran

FaceBook  On May 26, 2020 deepti mirani wrote:
we all have traveled long way and jumping into something new always has anxieties. But at times, we need to take the plunge, with the trust that we wont get lost but rather grow infinitely.


Why We Listen Better To Strangers Than Family, by Kate Murphy

FaceBook  On Apr 22, 2020 deepti mirani wrote:
When we ask someone how are you feeling today, we get the response "Ok", "we are fine"
even though they are not. Infact I give the same response too. How to break this chain ?

The Practice Of Soft Eyes, by Parker Palmer

FaceBook  On Aug 14, 2018 deepti mirani wrote:

approching a new challenge with the same old way and thought process will nevr help you combat the issue. It will over power you easily. The only way to come out of it is to widen one's perspective, experinces, learnings. 


We Want Relief. Cure Is Painful, by Anthony de Mello

FaceBook  On Jul 16, 2018 deepti mirani wrote:

 cure is better than relief. 
Relief gives momentary pleasure and infact the truth is we all are really running after it only. cure is permanent, but takes time and is painful. humans have lost the wisdom of identifying the relief and cure, but once a person does so, i m sure, they go into cure zone. 


Perception Is A Mirror, by Edited by Frances Vaughan and Roger Walsh

FaceBook  On Jul 9, 2018 deepti mirani wrote:

 Our perception has a deep impact.. it guides ur actions, behaviours, feelings, thoughts, our vibes and gives us ample reasons to justify it. 
we have the choice to be in deep despair or to change the perception and change the attitute, i.e. from despair to happiness. 
Only  an individual has the power to change and see the percept in different light and to be at a pwerful stance. 


Where's Your Umbrella?, by Nazeer Ahmed

FaceBook  On Jul 3, 2018 deepti mirani wrote:

 Faith is the ans to everything. Unwavering faith 


Somehow I'm Always Held, by Jeff Foster

FaceBook  On Jun 15, 2018 deepti mirani wrote:

 Could connect with this so much! 
Rightly written and toched my heart.